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Save Community (standard:action, 186 words)
Author: M. Ahmed Ch.Added: Aug 10 2022Views/Reads: 346/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It is about monkey and bears, who live together.

Once upon a time, monkeys lived happily in one part of the jungle and
the bears lived in other part of the jungle The bears and monkeys were 
very good friends and neighbours. Once upon a time, the bears were so 
sad. The monkey asked why are you so sad. A bear told that the lion was 
warning our leader to get out in this jungle. The next day, the lion 
was warning monkey's leader too. The monkeys and bears were so sad. A 
yound monkey gave an idea. The monkey said other monkeys and bears 
should build a bridge from one part to another part of the jungle. The 
bears made a bridge for the one part to another part. The bears and 
monkeys reached the next jungle through this bride. The last monkey 
walking on the bridge left behind. The lion reached there. The monkey 
faught with the lion. The lion beat him but it would too late to kill 
all monkeys and bears. All reached on other side of jungle and cut the 
bridge. The lion falls into river and drowned into it.


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