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Who’s Really in Charge (standard:humor, 908 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Sep 25 2022Views/Reads: 87/42Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
When I think I know everything is going on around me, that’s when I get into deep trouble. I try to start out every day with the idea that I don’t know everything. The only person I can really trust for everything is the Lord.

Living in the country, our family did not have a television in our home.
Unfortunately, most people in our neighborhood did not have a 
television. That just was normal. 

Somehow we managed to entertain ourselves without TV, and of course, we
did not have the Internet then. So how we got along without Facebook 
and cell phones is more than I can remember. 

Then in 1963, something happened that changed the world when President
John F. Kennedy was assassinated. 

When that happened, my father decided he needed a TV to keep up with the
news concerning this event. With that TV came something called the TV 
remote control. I've never seen that kind of thing before and was 
rather curious about what in the world it was all about. 

My father set up the TV and showed us the TV remote control in his hand
and how it worked. 

“This remote control,” my father explained, “is to control the TV.” 

Then he looked around at us as we sat there and said, “Because I am the
man of this home, I have control of this TV remote control. So this is 
my responsibility.” 

Looking at me, the oldest of the children, he said, “As a man, you are
to be in charge of this TV remote control.” When he said that, he 
looked at all the kids, then looked at my mother, and smiled. 

Since my wife and I have been married, I have tried to communicate this
to The Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. I am the man of the house 
and responsible for the TV remote control. 

There are many things in our home I have no control over. I'm not
allowed in the kitchen area for a variety of reasons. I tried when 
first married and have been barred from going there ever since. I even 
tried to wash the dishes once, which was a kitchen flood disaster. 

So, my responsibility is the TV remote control. 

That went well for an extended period, but recently something has
changed. The remote control batteries have been running out too 

One night I told my wife that the batteries were dead and asked if we
had any new batteries for this remote control. She said, “Oh, I thought 
you were in charge of the TV remote control?” 

She then brought me fresh batteries for the remote control with a very
suspicious snicker on her face. I looked at her suspiciously, took the 
batteries, inserted them into the remote control, and it worked just 

The next day I tried to turn on the TV, and the remote control was not
working for some reason. I checked it and found the batteries were 

I asked my wife, “Didn't I put new batteries in the remote control

My wife looked at me and nodded her head. “Do you need new batteries

She then got two new batteries, brought them to me, I gave her the old
ones and put in the new ones, which were working very nicely. So I sat 
back in my chair in complete control of the TV. I was beginning to 
appreciate my father's advice. 

The remote control worked fine for the next few days, and I forgot about
running out of battery power. 

Then three days later, the batteries again were dead. I had to stop and
think a little about what was happening. Batteries don't work like 
this, at least from my experience. 

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