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It's A Secret (standard:romance, 1090 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Nov 07 2022Views/Reads: 63/17Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Kelly goes out of her way to split up a boy and his girlfriend so she can go out with him, but do things go to plan? She hopes that they do but things take a turn that she may not be happy about!

Kelly couldn't take any more. All she could see every time she looked
out of the kitchen window was rain. So she got her umbrella and then 
set off to see her friend, Naomi. 

‘What you doing here?' Naomi asked after she had answered Kelly's knock
at the door. 

‘Sorry, I should have texted to say I was coming over.' 

‘You're soaked. Couldn't you get a taxi or something?' 

‘I did ask my dad to bring me, but he was too busy watching horse racing
on TV.' 

‘What, in this weather?' 

‘It's probably not raining where the racing is taking part.' 

‘You'd better come in. I'll get a towel so you can dry yourself off.' 

‘The two girls then spent most of the afternoon in Naomi's bedroom
talking about boys - one, in particular, called Darren. Both fancied 
him but he seemed more interested in a girl called Tanya. Kelly did 
have a plan to stop Darren from seeing Tanya, but she wasn't going to 
tell Naomi about it. 

The next day it was back to work. As soon as she got to work, she went
looking for Tanya, only to be told that she was at home sick. 

After work had finished, she had an idea to go round to Tanya's house.
She was going to tell her a few things she wasn't going to like. So, 
instead of getting her usual bus home, she got one to the other side of 
town, even if she had to wait over an hour for it. 

Once off the bus, she still had a long walk to Tanya's. Why did she have
to live so far out? Her house was at the end of a country lane. No 
wonder she hadn't turned up for work. It probably would have taken her 
ages to get there. But nearing Tanya's she passed this boy. Where had 
he come from, she thought to herself. 

‘Who was that lad I passed on the lane?' she asked Kelly asked once she
was inside her house. 

‘Oh, nobody. Just a friend. He was calling to see how I was. What did
you want, anyway? It's miles out of your way, so don't tell me you were 
just passing.' 

‘Oh, I've come to see if you were OK.' 

‘Yeah, of course, you have. Come on, the truth.' 

‘Tanya, on my life, it is the truth. You've been a good friend to me
while we've been working in the shop. I got worried and thought I'd 
come and see you.' 

Kelly wasn't going to tell her why she had really popped by, not after
what she had witnessed making her way to her house. She had got all the 
proof she wanted to split her and Darren up. 

Kelly later made her way from Tanya's house and back into town. She was
meeting Naomi there. 

‘Seen Darren on your travels?' she asked Naomi. 

‘No, why do you want to know?' 

‘I need to tell him something I think he will be very interested in

‘In knowing what ?' Naomi asked. 

‘I'm keeping it a secret.' 

All that night, Naomi went looking for Darren. Could she find him? She
looked everywhere. She was about to give up when she noticed him 

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