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Frankie goes to the Cinema (standard:romance, 957 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Nov 09 2022Views/Reads: 342/190Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Frankie looks out of the window at the restaurant she works in and sees this boy. She wants him to notice her but he never does. But Frankie doesn't give up that easily!

Frankie looked out of the window of the restaurant where she worked. She
couldn't keep her eyes off the person she saw outside. He was so 
good-looking and he worked in the shop next door. But he was never 
going to give her a second look. She'd said hello to him on a number of 
occasions but he hardly said a word back. Until... 

One evening, just after she had left the restaurant, she saw him just
standing there. Who was he waiting for? 

‘What are you looking at?' he said to Frankie. 

‘Nothing,' she replied. ‘It's not my fault if you have been stood up.' 

‘Who said I've been stood up?' 

‘Well, it is obvious you are waiting for someone, and with that look on
your face, they either aren't coming or they are late.' 

Frankie then just carried on walking. At least he had spoken to her, and
that was more than he had done in the past. Anyway, she knew the girl 
he was waiting for - she was in the same class as Frankie, and Frankie 
was so jealous of her. 

The next day it was back to school. Frankie made her way towards her
class and when she got there, she looked at the girl who was going out 
with the boy who worked in the shop next door to the restaurant. 

‘How's that boyfriend of yours?' Frankie asked her. ‘He wasn't happy
with you last night for standing him up the way you did.' 

‘What are you on about, girl? We weren't even supposed to be meeting
each other last night. He said he was too busy to meet me because he 
was working.' 

Frankie was confused. Who was he meeting when she saw him the night
before? She was determined to find out. So, after school had finished, 
off she went to her friend's house. 

‘Hi, Frankie. Is this a social call? I only ever see you when you have a
problem,' her friend Jessica said as soon as she had opened the front 
door to her. 

‘Well, if you are gonna be like that, Jess, I'm off. I'm not staying
where I'm not wanted.' 

‘Oh, Frankie, shut up and come inside. I've known you for years. When
have you ever taken me seriously?' 

Once inside, Jess put the kettle on. 

Right, what is it this time? It's got to be a boy. It's always a boy
where you are concerned. Why don't you get yourself a hobby? Don't tell 
me, you have already got one - boys!' 

‘Oh, Jess, I can't stop thinking about him.' 

Who is it this time? Not him in the fifth year - the one with the bad
case of acne?' 

‘It's worse than that. Anyway, he never had acne. He said it was a

Jess couldn't help but smile as she listened to the rest of Frankie's

‘Oh, Jess, what am I going to do?' Frankie added after she had given
Jess the full account of her problem. 

‘Do what you usually do. Use that pretty head of yours. You seemed to
have sorted things out in the past.' 

The next night Frankie was called in to help at the restaurant. When she
got there, she kept her eye out to see if she saw him leaving the shop 
he helped out in, and ten minutes after she had started she saw him 
leaving the shop. She stopped what she was doing and followed him - 

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