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My Prince Charming (standard:romance, 1130 words)
Author: makepeacekenAdded: Nov 16 2022Views/Reads: 602/430Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jade has an accident while out shopping, and a handsome stranger comes to her rescue. She is convinced she will never see him again, or will she?

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The big night of her date with Liam came. They were going to a
restaurant owned by his cousin and it was in the posh part of town. His 
cousin was loaded. He had a posh car and everything. She hadn't met 
him. She was only going by what Liam had told her. 

Jade had a shower and then got herself ready. She had butterflies in her
stomach. It had been a while since she had been on a date. In a way, 
she was looking forward to it. 

After getting ready, she went outside to wait for Liam. She just hoped
he wasn't going to be late. She hated it when people were late. She was 
always on time. She reckoned that she was the most punctual person 

He wasn't late. In fact, he was a few minutes early. 

She made her way to his car. But she seemed to know this car. It was as
though she had been in it before. Maybe it was a coincidence. 

‘Like the motor, then?' he asked her. 

‘Yeah, it's brilliant. Have you been given a pay rise or something?' 

‘It's my cousin's. He let me borrow it so I could come and pick you up.
Generous to a fault, my cousin.' 

She was beginning to wonder who his cousin was. Had they met before?
Strange things were going on around inside her head. 

After a while, they arrived at the restaurant. Jade couldn't believe how
posh it was. She couldn't wait to see this cousin of Liam's - some rich 
geezer in designer clothes, who probably thought he was God's gift to 

They got out of the car and made their way to the restaurant entrance.
Jade was in shock. She couldn't wait to get inside and look at the 
menu. There was nothing cheap about this place. 

Jade found a table to sit at, while Liam went looking for his cousin. It
was ages before he returned. 

‘Where have you been?' she asked him once he had arrived at her table. 

‘Looking for that cousin of mime. I can't find him anywhere. The waiter
said that he has popped out for a bit and would be back shortly.' 

‘Good. Can we eat now? I'm starving,' Jade said as she studied the menu
in great detail. 

‘Yeah. Order what you like. We ain't paying for it. It's all on the

Jade ordered lobster to start with. She'd never eaten lobster in her
life. She was going to live it up while she was in here. 

While eating her meal, Jade nearly choked on her food as she saw someone
at a nearby table talking to some important-looking man, and when he 
had finished, he got up from the table and headed straight towards Jade 
and Liam. She tried her best to hide her face, then Liam said: 

This is my cousin, Wayne.' 

So that was her night in shining armour's name. After being introduced
to him by Liam, she never gave Liam another look the entire evening.

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