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The Regifting Queen of the Family (standard:humor, 902 words)
Author: GodspenmanAdded: Dec 31 2023Views/Reads: 343/172Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Whatever I do to others will finally come back on me. Give what you want to receive is my motto.

Sitting around the Christmas tree with my family and opening up
Christmas presents, it stirred fond memories of my Aunt Edith. She was 
known as The Regifting Queen of our family. And believe me, she earned 
that name quite well. 

Most of the family didn't catch on to what she was doing. I know I
didn't realize it until several years before she passed. 

Little did we know that when we gathered as a family at Christmas time, 
the gifts we received from Aunt Edith were regifted. I had no idea what 
that meant then, but I was to find out what it was all about. 

One of my cousins caught on first. One Christmas, he received a gift
that he remembered from last Christmas, which was given to her. At 
first, he thought he was imagining things, but as the gifts kept going 
around, he began to notice that the gifts given to his family members 
were given to his Aunt Edith last year. 

She had it very well worked out because nobody got a gift from her that
they gave to her the year before. When my cousin mentioned this to me, 
I thought he was joking, and I just went along with him. But I was to 
realize that maybe what he was saying was true. 

I started paying attention to the gifts Aunt Edith gave to the family so
I could remember them for next year. And sure enough, the following 
year, people received gifts from Aunt Edith that had been given to her 
the year before. 

My cousin looked at me, looked back, and we just smiled, hoping we could
keep our secret. 

Based on that thought, my cousin and I gave Aunt Edith a present we
would want the following year. Sure enough, those gifts appeared to our 
family from good old Aunt Edith. Everybody smiled, thankful for Aunt 
Edith's thoughtfulness at Christmas time. 

That was the one thing my cousin and I looked forward to each year. And
the thing was, everybody got from Aunt Edith a present they gave her 
the year before. She was very good at this regifting. 

We discovered that when Auth Edith got a Christmas gift, she always put
the giver's name on the gift. That way, she would not get the gifts 
mixed when she regifted them. 

My cousin and I let it fly because we did not want to embarrass Aunt
Edith. She was such a wonderful lady, and we felt that if that was her 
way of celebrating Christmas, so be it. 

As the years went on, Aunt Edith got older. No surprise there. Everybody
gets older. But as she got older, her memory began to play tricks on 

I began to notice one year when Aunt Edith gave me a Christmas present
that I gave her the year before. Up to this time, that had never 
happened. She was very particular in how she distributed her regifting. 

As I opened my gift from her, I began to chuckle because it was what I
gave her last year. I didn't say anything because I respected her and 
everybody makes mistakes. I just went along with her regifting program. 

I almost told my cousin, but I thought I'd just better leave everything
under the table at this point. After all, Christmas is a merry time of 
the year, and I didn't want to sabotage the merry element. 

Watching Aunt Edith throughout the year, I noticed her memory was
slipping. With that in mind, I was anxious for Christmas to come and 
see how Aunt Edith would handle her regifting. 

As it turned out, that year was the last year Aunt Edith was around for
Christmas. It was a special Christmas, although we did not know it 

As the gifts were being passed around and as people began opening their

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