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Life (standard:other, 1001 words)
Author: DrakesWolfCubAdded: May 24 2001Views/Reads: 3009/1944Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a diary of a young girls expierences during her last year in high school

September 15, 1999 

This is my last year of high school and I am already of to a bad start. 
I still don't seem to be making any friends and the guy (his name is 
Chris) I have dated once before still doesn't want me back.  I don't 
understand I'm smart and easy to talk to.  The only friends I can ever 
seem to get are the ones that are called the freaks.  Well I guess we 
will see what will happen this year. 

September 20, 1999 

Well today I guess you could say went a little bit better than the rest.
 Chris finally decided to talk to me again.  But, he is still dating 
someone else.  Well there is a dance next month, maybe he will be 
single by then. 

September 30, 1999 

I heard about this party that is going on tonight, maybe I will decide
to go, hey it could be fun.  Maybe it will help my reputation a little. 
You know what, I will go, better go get ready. 

October 1, 1999 

Last night didn't go the way I had planned.  Well Chris showed up with
his girlfriend and they were all over each other all night.  Then I 
went looking around for people that I might be able to talk to and all 
everyone was doing was drinking and smoking.  I don't know maybe that 
is the thing to do now-a-days.  They just all seemed too cool for me. 

October 15, 1999 

You know I am thinking about having a Halloween party.  Maybe that will
help things along.  I will have lots of snacks and all different kinds 
of drinks.  Hey I will even buy all different kinds of cigarettes, you 
know just in case people run out.  I think this will be cool. 

October 31, 1999 

The night of the party, wish me luck. 

November 20, 1999 

I know it has been awhile since I wrote, but the party went really well.
 I met so many people and everyone complimented me on how everything 
was runned and they have been inviting me out places with them.  This 
might be a good year after all.  Even Chris was talking to me most of 
the night (he left his girlfriend home).  I think I might try to make a 
move and see what happens, I mean the worse thing that could happen is 
that he could turn me down. 

December 15, 1999 

I invited Chris over for Thanksgiving dinner with my family, he came
too.  We talked all through dinner and then for a long time after.  He 
stayed until about 11:30pm.  Then, he had to go.  I chicked out with 
the making a move thing.  I guess I got too nervous.  Well there is 
always Christmas. 

December 24, 1999 

HE COMING OVER FOR CHRISTMAS and to my New Years Eve party. 

January 10, 2000 

Oh my god, that went soooo well.  He talked all night on Christmas and
thn my party was a great success.  I made a move and he told me that is 
was no longer dating his girlfriend so then he asked me to go back out 
with him.  I was so excited.  Now his ex knows and whants to beat me 
up.  Well if she does then I will just have to face her. 

Feburary 15, 2000 

Well she challenged me (on Valentines Day), and I just stood there
staring at her.  Chris thought it was stupid to fight and so did I but 

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