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Temperature Extremes (standard:humor, 182 words)
Author: Jerry J. DavisAdded: May 30 2001Views/Reads: 3008/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Too hot to handle, too cold to put down.

The buns were cold. 

It was a fact, and not one person tried to deny it. The buns, which had
been warm before, were now at a temperature close to that of absolute 

"Try the buns," Robert said. The man made an elaborate gesture toward
the frosty plate on the table between them. 

Leonard leaned forward. "Donít mind if I do," he said, and snatched one
up. He didnít realize it was cold until after his tongue was frozen and 
he couldnít pull it out of his mouth. Struggling in surprise and shock, 
Leonard writhed in his chair and knocked over drinks and dishes. Within 
moment the terrible frost reached his brain, and Leonard twitched a few 
last times and fell over, his body making a muffled thump on the thick 
shag carpet. 

Robert laughed at his stupid and luckless ex-friend. He had known the
buns were cold, and had wisely avoided them. However, when he slipped a 
delicious spoonful of buttered zucchini into his mouth, his head caught 
fire and then exploded from the intense heat. 

The zucchini was hot.


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