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Resident Evil (standard:horror, 0 words)
Author: Michael HaltomAdded: Jun 06 2001Views/Reads: 3641/2843Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based upon Resident Evil with new characters and goals.



On the outskirts of Raccoon City the wind is strong and very cold; the
speed and strength give it an ominous sound like an animal howling.  
The forest leaves rustle to and fro through the dark green grass 
blades.  Through small breaks in the clouds beams of moonlight shoot 
down upon a forgotten place.  Surprisingly enough a mansion stands 
among these elements but not in contrast to them.  This residence melds 
into the dark environment perfectly. 

The mansion is styled after the Victorian homes of the early nineteen
hundreds.  Except in comparison to those beautiful homes this abode is 
quite abnormal; it is in fact a laboratory in disguise.  Funded by an 
international company invested in every area of biological research 
thinkable to man.  The company's name is Umbrella and it owns the 
goliath of a mansion.  Perhaps it named itself Umbrella because like an 
umbrella it overlays space; casting it's shadow over it's domain.  It 
keeps control over many different biological studies and experiments.  
So powerful and vast is this company that many agencies including some 
of our own U.S. government agencies seek it out for inquiries on its 
recent tests and studies. 

Not much information is available on what types of experiments Umbrella
undertakes.  What is known is that the F.B.I. tries to keep a close eye 
on the kinds of studies Umbrella pursues.  In the 1960's the U.S. 
Government seriously explored genetic engineering in order to make a 
superhuman soldier. Umbrella supplied the Government with study upon 
study of information on the very subject, which made very many 
top-government officials very nervous.  This lead up to an all out 
investigation into umbrellas secret files and experiments.  
Mysteriously just after this time, two of Umbrella's secluded 
laboratories burned down while an avalanche destroyed a third.  Ron 
McCarty, a high-ranking employee of Umbrella and also the man in charge 
of working alongside the Government died in a peculiar house robbery 
supposedly gone bad.  Many other strange things occurred around that 
time of investigation, but never could Umbrella be directly linked to 
the coincidental happenings.  All the preceding events were covered by 
different newspapers but none of it made front-page material on account 
that neither Umbrella nor the F.B.I. would divulge much information 
about the timely disasters.  Indirectly Umbrella has been making news 
again (at least in Raccoon City), except this time it's front-page 

Raccoon City Chronicle December 30, 2000 


The Raccoon City Chronicle reported a man claimed to have escaped from a
hidden mansion located in a nearby forest just outside of Raccoon City 
limits.  Dr. Furuli gives us some information as to what ails the 
possibly victimized man....  "Not much is known about the patient 
because he has been suffering a very high fever aside from other 
ailments.  As to his name I cannot give out that information at this 
time."  "Most of the patient's external injuries consist of what looks 
like sloppy scalpel incisions and his internal injuries are even less 
serious.  There's no way to know how the patient received his external 
injuries since he is having much trouble breathing right now.  I've 
contacted the police and I'll report any information necessary to help 
justice be served.  In my professional opinion this man has been 
seriously abused." says doctor Furuli of St. Joseph's Hospital.  "That 
being the case, if this man continues in this state of health, I'm 
afraid that he'll never get to tell us what has happened to him."  
Special unit S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Squad) of the 
Raccoon City Police Department will begin an investigation to uncover 
if any unlawful activity that has been committed." 

Chapter 1 

The Doctor 

As doctor Furuli woke up next to his wife Susan in bed, he began to
think about his patient back at St. Joseph's Hospital.  "What a strange 
fellow." Furuli muttered to himself.   He began to contemplate his 

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