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CatHomeworkDayTwo (standard:poetry, 0 words)
Author: ThorAdded: Jun 09 2001Views/Reads: 2864/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a poem I wrote as part of an assignment for school when i was EXTREMELY stressed out. The prompt for this poem was: write about an uncontrollable emotion you experienced, so I wrote about how stressed I was.

Augh. Why do I feel this way 


What did I do 

Im doing nothing. 

Maybe thats why 

Augh. claw at my hair 

lay on the ground 


its that Squiggle 

Maybe thats why 

gah. ha ha ha. laugh 

out loud 

fast cra-azy. 

its that dream that 

haunts me so 

parental press. 

that Dream. their dream 

and that of 

others before 


fourscore and seven 

years ago and since 


canít differentiate 

let the other half 

of the brain take over. 

no. organize and die 

a sad sad person. 

lay on the floor 

pick at scabs 

eyes flit from 

one wall to another 

so pretty calming blue 

that has no feeling 

canít feel it. 

reach out and touch. 

so much to do 

so little time 

must get to work 

time is money 

even when iím paying the money 

Maybe thats why


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