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Worlds away (standard:romance, 824 words)
Author: HayesAdded: Sep 22 2000Views/Reads: 3802/5Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Love On-line

If you're reading this you're probably either a sadist who enjoys
revelling in other people's pain, or someone who can relate to this in 
some way.... or part of the last category commonly known as "other". 

I don't know quite where to start.  I'm an 18 year old female from
Australia.  I've been in a long distance net relationship over I Seek 
You (ICQ) for the last 3 months.  Wojo and I conversed for 6 months 
before we spilled everything. We love each other. I wish it were that 
simple. He lives in Canada, he's an entire ocean away... the closeness 
we felt seemed to melt the thousands of kilometres into oblivion.  The 
fact that we were in different hemispheres and time zones, on different 
continents and in seemingly different worlds, didn't matter.  We knew 
each other from the inside out, completely trusted and love one other 
wholeheartedly. That's what makes us so amazing. The master plan is 
that he flies down to Australia, December 1999 and we make the start to 
the next millennium one to remember. 

This tale isn't "sad" because we've parted in a twisted Melrose-Place
like brawl over something narcotic or infidelity induced... just some 
of the hardships I've been through because of the huge international 
gap between us, among other things.  But then again maybe I'm just be 
rambling because I miss the guy. 

LOL, now i could type for another 3 thousand words on how great this guy
that I love is.  Maybe I'll save it for another day :)  In short he is 
endearingly sweet, loving, witty and intelligent, seems to have a 
natural resistance to my bad jokes, is tender and... just THE BEST!  
Did i forget to mention he's committed?  Not to an asylum, but to me. 
That thought makes me grin stupidly... my brain stops functioning and 
my heart goes on a rampage. 

OK, OK I'll get to the point, LoL it's aken me so long to get here I'm
not even that miserable anymore.  I miss him feverishly and try not to 
think how long it will be till we meet on-line again.  Its been 2 and a 
half weeks since Wojo and I have chatted, I call him on the phone 
sometimes. It costs A LOT.  But when I'm at that fork in the road, and 
its either talk to the object of my affections or pay $20, Its not much 
of a decision. 

Back to the source of my misery.  It's been weeks since Wojo and I have
really talked, so tonight I called him with a slightly guilty 
conscience, it being almost 3 am over there.  With all my exams 
finished... I admit it, I caved.  I gave into weakness and called him 
because I miss him.  One of the many blissful things about *us* is that 
we can tell each other anything, and I believe we will get THROUGH the 
worst of it and still have enough limbs intact at the end to hug each 
other.  This is one of those "ifs".  We are both broke.  Wojo's 
computer is stuffed and will cost $500 to fix, and he has a whopper of 
a student loan to repay. This basically boils down to... 'Hey Hun, 
won't be seeing you for another couple of months' and there are those 
what ifs... what if we don't have enough money for December '99?  What 
if he stops caring while we're separated?  Oh, and on top of 
everything, his dog is dying. 

Being a naturally pessimistic, optimistic and simply an indecisive
person, I've looked over our situation and deep down, through the 
truckloads of crud we're going through right now, I know we will get 
through this. I trust him with everything I have and what we have 
together is worth the struggle. You know that tingly feeling you get 
when effervescent bubbles go up your nose, and that euphoric floating 
sensation when you know everything is right and as it should be, and 
you're blissful because you've got what you want and are holding on 
with an iron grip... well multiply that by infinity and that is as 
close as i can describe what I feel sometimes. Out of this world. But 
even infinity can be a negative. 

So I'm going to end with a cheezy D-ream song quote: "Things can only
get better". 

And to ALL the cynics out there who believe Internet relationships don't
work: A lot of times they don't, but if it's based on the right 
foundations of love, trust & honesty, and lots of ROFLMAO's (rolling on 
the floor laughing my ass off) then that delicate house of cards is a 
little bit less likely to crumble. 

If you've gotten this far, and think its been a waste of time, at least
I can say I feel a hell of a lot A LOT better about life and the 
future. Gotta look on the bright side sometimes :) 


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