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Take Care (standard:romance, 0 words)
Author: MaccaLover2001Added: Jul 11 2001Views/Reads: 3351/2380Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Joan, a teenage girl gets lost in the Alps during the filming of the Beatles new movie, Help! The Beatles rescue her, and a romance develops, but between who? How will another threaten their relationship?

SETTING: The Alps, during the filming of Help! (The mid-60’s)
CHARACTERS: Joan Deanna – 18 yr. girl The Beatles – Famous band from 
the 60’s. Members are the drummer Ringo Starr, guitarists John Lennon, 
George Harrison, and bassist Paul McCartney. AUTHOR’S NOTE: OK, this is 
my third attempt at fan fiction, but my second one that will be pretty 
realistic. However, for the story, all of The Beatles are single, and 
some of the song information might be wrong. This is simply for the 
sake of the story, though!!! I will try to make all of my stories as 
realistic as possible, but there are some things you need to change to 
make a good story! Also, there are no cuss words, although the Beatles 
did cuss. This is simply because I am not allowed to, and I do not want 
any trouble with my mom. So sorry for the lack of cuss words for those 
who like it. I’ll use substitute words instead. 

CHAPTER ONE: Joan wandered about in the snow, looking for the area where
they were filming Help!, the new Beatles movie. Oh, how Joan would give 
anything to see the Beatles!! She wasn’t sure what time it was, or 
exactly where she was either. Really, she was just wandering around. 
Her parents had let her stay here for a month alone, and so far, it had 
been great! She could ski every day, stay up as late as she wished, and 
do anything she wanted, and right now, she wanted to see the Beatles!! 
She trudged through the snow, very, very tired, looking for any sign of 
a movie area. On the other side of the mountain, four men were having 
fun skiing down the slopes, even if it all was for the cameras. 
Suddenly, one swerved off, and purposely hit another, causing them both 
to fall. “Aye Johnny! What did you do that for!?” called one of them. 
The other young man looked at his companion, and said, “’Cause you 
weren’t paying attention, and I didn’t think I’d have another chance 
all night, Paulie!” This started a snowball fight, which soon included 
the other two, George and Ringo. “Cut! Cut!” shouted the director. 
“Boys, you have to be serious about this!” called Brian Epstien, the 
manager of the four men’s band, the Beatles. Instead of his expected 
response, a “Yes, Eppy.” he got a snowball in the head. 

CHAPTER TWO: “Why do you think Eppy was so mad?” Ringo asked the others
as they walked up to their cabin. George snorted, and said 
sarcastically, “I always thought it was fun to get knocked out by a 
snowball!” This got a huge laugh, and some more snowballs were tossed 
around, delaying the trip another fifteen minutes. As they were almost 
to the cabin, Paul saw something a bit away from the others, so he ran 
over to see what it was. He suddenly stopped, sending snow flying all 
over. “Hey fellas! Get over here!” The others ran over, and ended up 
doing the same shocked halt Paul had done. Ringo let out a long, low 
whistle. George stared, and John said, “Oh my God, what in the bloody 
heck is that?!” Lying in the snow was the soaked and half-frozen body 
of a young woman. 

CHAPTER THREE: Back at their cabin, the Beatles moved the freezing cold
teenager in front of the fire. Then they all looked at each other, then 
back at the girl. Ringo said aloud what they had all been thinking. “We 
have to get the wet clothes off of her.” They all looked at the girl 
again. It wasn’t as if they hadn’t seen women naked, but they were 
rather uneasy about doing that. Maybe it was just the situation they 
were in with the girl, but they had to do it. Ten minutes later, the 
girl had new, warm clothes on, and the Beatles all had sheepish grins 
on their faces. They all had donated their clothes to her cause. 
“Alright now, Ringo, how do we wake the bird up?” John asked. Ringo had 
spent a lot of his childhood in the hospital, and the others counted on 
him to know this stuff. Ringo answered, “Well, she’s breathing fine, 
and she’s warm and dry now, so I say we should let her wake up on her 
own.” So they went back to watching the sleeping blonde-haired woman 
silently. Paul broke the silence. “What’s Eppy gonna do when he finds 
out? He told us to stop messing about.” George and John said together, 
“He won’t.” Then there came a knock on the door. “OH SHOOT!” John said, 
looking out the window. “IT’S EPPY!!” 

CHAPTER FOUR: “Dangit! We’ve gotta move the girl!!” George said,
grabbing her. “Ringo, help me over here!!” Ringo quickly came over and 
grabbed her legs, carrying her into the bedroom with George. While she 
was being moved, the girl woke up and started to scream, but George 
clamped a hand over her mouth. “Shhh! If Eppy finds out you’re in here, 
we are all in a lot of trouble! Please just be quiet, we’ll explain 
later!!” The girl nodded, and was quiet. Their manager’s knocks were 
becoming louder and more agitated. George and Ringo put the teenage 
girl on the bed, then ran back out so they could answer the door, and 

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