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Freesia of Rainbow (standard:poetry, 266 words)
Author: hidoko Vladimir matsumotoAdded: Sep 25 2001Views/Reads: 2504/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The wonders of freesia explored in this poem through infinite ponderings... (in other words, a darkity dark dark way!)

Freesia of Rainbow 

hidoko Matsumoto 


Consciousness spirals into the depth of sleep 

Revealing essential isolation that existence brings 

Fragile buds push through the grains of sand 

In the deepest of nights where dreams sprout 

Radiant light that enveloped me as a child 

In the time when I was helplessly fragile and alone 

Blinded while I groped in the chasm of void 

Deafened while I strained to hear a gasp of life 

That truth which wouldn't reveal 

Time to lose view of it in your eyes 

I've found myself while seeking it 

I'll lose myself upon finding it 

Rays of rainbow pierce through darkness' membrane 

My sorrow and love exhausted upon wandering this maze 

Scratches of dull nailpolish mingling with that blood 

Washed by a murky waterfall, an evidence of sensations 

The innocence that has been tainted 

Time to have paid for such a violation 

Deprivation of your blood to feed my desire 

Rejuvenation of your tears to feed my love 

Inside of the bud yet to blossom is a secret garden 

As a lost child wanders amongst the greenery he finds 

Dreams that are blooming in clusters ever abundantly 

Petals unfurl like angels' wings in spectrumic colours 

Torn fabric of bloodstained laces 

Time to destroy this fragile beauty 

I do not cry as your skin tears 

I do not smile as your bones shatter 

Amongst the dreams yet to blossom is an assasinated love 

As a lost heart wanders amongst this facade it finds 

Dreams that were once blooming in clusters now wither 

Spectrumic colours of the petals have faded into sepia... /


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