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Little Love Story at 15 (standard:romance, 420 words)
Author: ZoeAdded: Oct 27 2001Views/Reads: 3233/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A very short but sweet story about how love may overcome one's stubborn ways.

Little Love Story at 15. 

It was the coldest, most miserable day, just to make things worse. The
sky was thick, smeared with dark grey clouds, and a strong wind was 
blowing the rain sideways, straight into my ears. After speaking to 
him, I was in a bad mood; we'd had a fight, and we were both angry. 

The final bell sounded as I stared out of the window. I threw my bag
onto my back, crossed my arms and stormed head first out into the cold. 
It was freezing, but I didn't really notice that much, I was still 
fuming from what he had said. 

Everyone was in such a hurry. The sound of the last bell and the thought
of a nice warm bus had transformed people into full motion. I dodged 
puddles and people, getting absolutely drenched. I stepped onto the bus 
and sat down. In a huff, I folded my hands under my armpits and stared 
out of the window. 

As we moved along I thought about things. "Perhaps I was,
I am always right. He is wrong. I am right, and I will not 

Before long we were at the first stop. "I could always get off the bus
now and go and see him...." I thought. I looked outside, the weather 
was worse. The wind was horrific, blowing violently and the trees 
looked as if they were touching the ground. 

"It's just too wet." I remember thinking as my conscience had already
lifted me from my seat and sent me down the bus aisle. As I stepped out 
into the cold, the sharp rain stung my face and the wind pierced my 

The cold was agony. My feet were like ice. As I headed in the direction
of his house, a bus zoomed past, spraying a gallon of water on me. My 
school dress was totally stuck to my skin all over my body. I wanted to 

I walked briskly down the streets, running most of the way. In the end I
gave up and just walked, there was no way I could have become any 

Before I knew it, I was there. I walked around to the back door and he
came out. He had his bare back to me while he changed out of his wet 

"Hi." I said. He turned around.... 


"I missed my bus...." I lied. 

"Did you?" 


"I know," he smiled, "I had a feeling you'd be missing the bus today."


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