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two thums ,seven&three quarter fingers (standard:humor, 341 words)
Author: forestkellyAdded: Nov 17 2001Views/Reads: 3025/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
reflections of career choices

Jim let out a lady like yelp.He curbed the immediate instinct to look at
his wound.Keeping eyes averted he tried to judge how many stitches 
would be nesecary.It definetly hurt more then last weeks cut and that 
was being held together with four.He used his left hand to slow the 
bleeding of his other hands middle finger.Eyes directed up at the shop 
lights ,he used his knee to tap the big red stop button on the 
saw.Funny how it was always the middle fingers getting hurt,almost 
weekly they received  new injuries .More or less just small surface 
scratches or cuts,except of course for the one last week and evidently 
this one .Seemed his fingers were just a little to damn long.Minor or 
not they had all seemed to bleed so much. 

Walking from the saw  towards the far end of the shop he passed the
building section.From the corners of his eyes  he noticed people 
pointing in his direction,  absently he followed their gazes .Blood 
leeked through the fingers of his gripping hand .Shiny wet.His eyes 
immediately shot up and away from the sight.The ceiling lights had 
become brighter.His jaw clamped shut and his eyebrows arched unevenly 
upward.Maybe it was time for a new job, one where less sharp objects 
could be found,yet a cut finger was an exellent way to avoid washing 

As he approached the medical room he heard someonne shout "Hey Norm
hurry it up !He don,t look so good"A familar cold sweat popped out from 
the back of Jims neck.His head wobbeled loosley from his neck .As his 
knees sank he hoped he wouldnt cut open his head or at the very least 
that there wouldnt be to much blood,abruptly the wall to his right 
collapsed on him ,smacking him soundley on the middle of the forhead 
,he felt someone grab him aroud the shoulders "get him hold him! help 
me sit im on the floor"in the blackness Jim chuckled to himself yes it 
was definetley time to look for another job..... albeit not guitar 


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