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"The Crying Girl" (standard:mystery, 320 words)
Author: Sassy cassieAdded: Dec 02 2001Views/Reads: 6674/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Ya gotta read to find out lol. its about a murder and some ghosts.

~The Crying Girl~ 

It was late, and I was at home by myself. We had just moved into a new
house, my parents purchased it cheap, which leaves me curious. Why was 
this nice house so cheap? Was there a secret the owner did'nt tell us? 
Was someone murdered here? It all started after my parents left to go 
to California. They left me home here in Texas. So there I was home by 
my self, in a house I knew nothing about. Everything seemed ok... Until 
it got dark.... I was sitting on the couch watching a really good 
movie, when all the sudden I heard a thump in the kitchen, a little 
scared, I ignored it. Ten minutes later, I Heard something different, 
It was the cry of a little girl, She was crying. I walked in the 
kitchen, and suddenly it got cold. There I was standing in the doorway, 
white as a ghost. A girl stood there crying, she looked about six, but 
she was crying. Bravley I asked her why she was crying. She looked at 
me with a sad face and pointed to the floor, there i saw a man and a 
woman laying on the floor, blood sorounded them. The little girl, still 
crying, finally said: "Somone killed my mommy and daddy!" She continued 
crying. I asked her if she knew who did this. She described a dark man 
with a scar on his forhead. ok i know this is wierd, but i tryed to 
comfort the little girl spirit, she was spooky, but it was so sad. 
Daylight came and the little girl and her dead parents (she was dead 
to, but she didnt know it) vanished. Puzzeld i searched online for the 
guy she described to me. I was determined to catch this creep who 
killed these people!!! To Be Continued.... This story was created by me 
so dont steal it!!!!!!!


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