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Dance Club Stranger (standard:other, 1010 words)
Author: PathosAdded: Jan 02 2002Views/Reads: 3489/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An unexpected, but not unwanted encounter.

Dance Club Stranger © 2002 Pathos 

My body swayed back and forth. My arms waving to the rhythm. My heart
beat a rapid pace in my heaving chest. Drops of sweat created trails of 
moisture down my face and neck. My feet never stopped moving as I let 
my soul be taken over. At this moment I was completely possessed and 
didn’t care. The music continually washed over me as I felt myself 
moving, unleashing a wildness inside. 

“LISA!” I came crashing back to Earth as I heard my name. I felt a hand
on my shoulder and opened my eyes to find Lee looking at me strangely. 
“Where have you been?! It’s like you completely spaced out for the past 
15 minutes!” she continued yelling over the blaring music of the dance 

I gave her a sheepish grin, not realizing anyone had noticed my deep
involvement in the sounds surrounding me. This was why I loved going 
clubbing. It was easy for me to lose myself in the beats and not think 
of anything else but the way the vibrations felt from the bass. Nowhere 
else could you feel alone and isolated in a room full of people. 
Unwilling to even attempt to explain, I suggested to Lee that we take a 
break from dancing and get a drink. Lee agreed enthusiastically and we 
headed in the direction of the bar. 

As we slowly made our way through the large crowd, I began to feel as if
I was being watched. I stopped in my tracks and looked around, 
searching the faces of the people encircling me. No one was looking my 
way. In fact, they all seemed to be looking in exactly the opposite 
direction. Just as quickly as it had enveloped me, the suspicion 
dissipated. Mentally nudging myself to keep moving, I sped up my pace 
to catch up with Lee who was already ordering her refreshment. My 
imagination is running on overdrive, I thought to myself as I settled 
on to a barstool. Next to me, Lee had already started flirting with the 
hottie on her left. It always amazed me at how quickly she attracted 
men. One look of her sparkling eyes and exquisite smile and you were 
done for. 

I sighed loudly as I contemplated my own situation. At 18 years old, I
had never had a boyfriend, or even been kissed by anyone that mattered. 
At a younger age, when having a relationship with a member of the 
opposite sex constituted the be all and end all of your teen years, I 
had begun to obsess over it. I began to be repulsed by my self, 
thinking I had to change dramatically the way I looked to attract the 
right boy. I cried myself to sleep every night, wondering what was 
wrong with me. Why I couldn’t lead the life that all my school friends 

As the years progressed, the intensity of my obsession with my own love
life – or lack thereof – died down. I wish I could have said that it 
went away and was simply a result of puberty, but that would have been 
deluding myself. I still occasionally woke up crying, wondering why it 
was that I still hadn’t found anyone who so complemented my life. Lee’s 
comment to my observations always consisted of something along the 
lines of, “Your turn will come eventually. It’s just not time yet.” I 
personally had resigned myself to becoming an old spinster and believed 
there was nothing I could do about it. Love had just not been in the 
picture when my fate had been decided. 

I took a sip of my drink only to find my glass to be empty. Woah, girl,
I chided myself. Keep going and at this rate you’ll be corked before 
it’s even past ten o’clock. 

Suddenly, the earlier sensation of being spied upon returned. I looked
up sharply, my eyes quickly scanning the crowd, searching for the 
source of this odd feeling: boy with blue hair... couple kissing... 
girl with pierced lip... stranger after stranger... until suddenly... 
There! The feeling intensified as my eyes fell upon a young man across 
the room. He was fairly non-descript, looked just like every other 
person in the room, but there was just something about him. 

Normally, I would probably have flipped him the finger for staring so
hard and for so long, but this time, I held back. I got the feeling 
that I should in fact be flattered that his attention was set on me. It 
was as if I knew him, or as if he was important to me somehow. 

For a split second, my view was blinded by a strobelight, but it was
long enough for the stranger to disappear. A sudden feeling of loss and 
emptiness overcame me. I desperately needed to seek him out, as if 
compelled by unknown forces. 

I scrambled off the barstool and propelled myself towards the dance
floor. I just had to get to him before he left. I elbowed, pushed, and 
shoved my way through the crowd. About mid-way through the people, I 
was stopped by a hand on my arm. I turned to face the offender, only to 
find the stranger who had been staring at me. 

I stood there facing him, scrambling for something to say, yet knowing
that it was not important. He smiled down at me as he raised his hand 
towards my face. His fingers gently caressed my cheek and in the most 
deliciously deep yet soft voice, he whispered, “Your turn has come.” 

I felt that my body suddenly radiated a sense of contentment. It seemed
as if a lifetime of worries and disappointments had been lifted from my 
shoulders. At this point, I had no idea what the stranger’s enigmatic 
statement had meant, nor did I particularly care. I just knew that I 
wanted to dance and lose myself in the music, here and now, with him. 
After all, I had a multitude of years ahead to figure all that out.


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