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Silverwing's Quest (standard:fairy tales, 6105 words)
Author: CJAdded: Jan 16 2002Views/Reads: 3600/2246Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's about a young unicorn that's born in the forest of Avalon, who has powerful magic. With her magic, Silverwing must try and save the kingdom and her new found friends.

The winds raced, ripping trees from the ground. Lightening flashed
around, thunder cracked in the night sky. No tree nor plant nor animal 
or human was safe from the storm that threatened the night-sky. Except 
for one miracle was about to happen, a rare event. For in that storm, a 
magical unicorn was born to Lightening. For an ancient prophecy had 
come true that night. For it is written in the great books of Avalon, 
that if a unicorn is born on such a stormy night, then it will have 
strenghts and power beyond anything that has ever existed in Avalon. 

The foal’s coat shone like the purest and brightest silvers, its eyes
were that of true sapphires and it’s horn was bright gold. The mother 
named her foal Silverwing meaning honour, spirit. Though she had no 
idea how important her young foal was too become. It soon became 
apparent that Silverwing had great and good spirit. She was stronger 
than any other was, kinder, more caring. She also became very bold and 

As the years passed Silverwing listened to her mother, Lightening, she
told Silverwing all about humans and their world, and how some human’s 
will hunt to kill animals for sport. Silverwing did not like this. 
Lightening taught Silverwing her most precious and valuable lesson of 
all, the lesson of magic. Lightening taught Silverwing, how to use the 
magic of her horn, to heal all living things, how to bring lightening 
from the horn. “Mother, why must I continue with all these lesson’s, I 
know the why of life, I know how to heal or harm, I know how to be kind 
and compassionate towards other’s,” Silverwing asked bored from the 
lesson’s. “Silverwing, my child you are a very special unicorn, you 
were born to do great thing’s. For are like no other unicorn. For they 
do not have a coat that shines like pure silver or have sparkling blue 
for their eyes. You my child were born for some great mission of the 
world. Though do not ask me what I just know you were born, and your 
destiny leads you to great adventures,” was the reply from Lightning.  
Silverwing did not know how to reply to this, though Lightening soon 
discovered that her young foal was now happier to do the tasks and 
lesson which Lightening taught her. One day Lightening heard a noise in 
the distant, she became alert and warned Silverwing to stay close. Time 
passed slowly, nothing came except for a loud cry and smell of smoke in 
the distant; Lightening began to pace for she knew smoke meant fire. 
The wind was strong and blowing in their direction. Though Lightening 
turned to Silverwing, she was unusually calm, her eyes where just 
starring in the direction of smoke. Though Lightening though that this 
was the first time Silverwing saw smoke that she was amaze, but 
Lightening turn to Silverwing again, something in her eyes got her 
attention it was people, running with bales of water. Lightening saw 
that they were fighting the flames and were winning. All of sudden 
Silverwing s startled herself back. Lightening did not know what to say 
she was amazed at what she saw. “Silverwing, how did you do that,” 
asked Lightening. “Do what?” asked a rather dazzled Silverwing. “Your 
eyes I saw what was happening in the village,” Lightening asked 
bewildered. “I don’t know, I just had this urgency to see what was 
happening, the next thing I know. I was seeing it like I was there, in 
the middle of it, but I weren’t,” Silverwing tried to explain, but she 
didn’t understand it herself. “You my child have an exceptional gift, 
you are truly born to do great things,” Lightening responded. “Like 
what mother,” Silverwing asked. “I don’t know, child. I simply don’t 
know,” came Lightning’s response. 

Over the next few days, Silverwing’s exceptal talent grew stronger, and
more powerful. Soon Silverwing could run faster than any other forest 
creature, Jump higher than the antelope. Though Lightning didn’t know 
how to handle Silverwing’s new gift’s, she never treated her any 
different, unfortunately Silverwing’s forest friends, once her gift’s 
came apparent. They soon drifted away for the reason they were afraid 
of Silverwing’s power. Silverwing grew more and more lonely, as the 
days went passed, and more of her friends deserted her. Though she knew 
her mother would always be there, she wanted more than her mother did 
for company. So one day Silverwing decided to travel the world, to see 
for her, and to try and make new friends along the way. Also to look 
for her true purpose in life, than just a unique one of a kind unicorn. 
Though Lightning tried to talk her high-spirited daughter out of going, 
Silverwing was determined to find her true self and reason for being. 

On the following dawn Silverwing awoke, full of energy and high spirit’s
she was ready to go. “Becarefull my brave daughter, the world is a 
dangerous place, men and human’s will stop at nothing to capture a 

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