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A Matter of Timing (standard:horror, 964 words)
Author: PathosAdded: Feb 11 2002Views/Reads: 3336/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young girl's life changes in a matter of seconds.

A Matter of Timing © 1999 Pathos 

As we waited in line, Helen and I talked about anything and everything.
We had already been waiting in line for about four hours, but neither 
one of us was tired or had run out of things to say. At this rate, we 
figured we could wait another four more, and if need be, four more 
after that. 

Helen and I were so extremely excited that  it didn't seem to bother us
that our feet hurt and we were both so hungry. We were finally getting 
the chance to see our favorite group in concert. They were the hottest 
boy group since, well, in our minds, ever! 

I remember the day that the both of us waited in line to get our
tickets. We waited that day, about six and a half hours in line. The 
last time the group was in town, we had been too late for tickets. We 
were so disappointed that Helen even cried. I had to spend the rest of 
the day consoling her. I had promised her that we would see them the 
next time around. 

Thankfully enough, we had been able to get the tickets, but just barely.
As soon as we had paid for ours, the ticket seller regrettably had to 
announce to everyone else that the tickets had been sold out. Helen and 
I screamed all the way home. We couldn't believe our luck and thanked 
the stars we had been so early. Neither of us could get over the fact 
that if we had just been a few minutes later, we never would have had a 
chance to see this fabulous group. We vowed that it had to be fate, 
that something amazing would happen to us the day of the concert. 

So, here we were, standing under the blazing hot sun for the majority of
the day, waiting to be let inside the concert hall.  We really didn't 
have to be this early, considering we had arranged seating and our 
seats were pretty good. Helen had just figured that if we were early 
like we were for the tickets, that it could only improve our luck. 
Normally, I would be disgusted with having to wait for so long, I've 
never been known as a patient person. But, because I love the group so 
much - I have their album, all their singles, my walls are plastered 
with their posters and they are all Helen and I talk about - it didn't 
seem to bother me. 

Helen and I talked to the other girls around us and exchanged stories to
see who was the biggest fan. Turned out one of the other girls was 
because she had once sent her brother to follow the lead singer into 
the bathroom and ask for his autograph while he tried to take care of 
his business. We decided to exchange phone numbers so we could talk 
some more after the concert. 

"Excuse me, could you girls get back in line please? We're trying to
keep a little order here," one of the bouncers sighed. "Please just do 
it 'cause you'll all be going in soon." I realized that as we had been 
talking, we had kind of drifted off the sidewalk and cars had been 
forced to drive around us. We all jumped back into line and withdrew 
our tickets. Helen was holding hers so hard it had begun to crumple. 

Slowly, we began to move up. Girls all around us screamed as they
realized we were finally being let inside. A rush from behind caused 
everyone to be squashed. It felt like a million bodies were pressed up 
against us as they pushed and shoved to get closer to the door. 
Someone's elbow was in my rib, and someone else was pulling my hair. 

"Oof!" exclaimed Helen as she was accidentally punched in the gut. She
doubled over in pain and started to gasp for breath.  I tried to push 
her over to the outside of the sidewalk so she could get some room. 

We finally managed to shoulder our way out of the crowd. "Thank God,"
moaned Helen. "Another minute in there and I -- " She stopped mid 
-sentence when she saw the horrified look on my face. A car was coming 
full speed in our direction, and it didn't look like it would stop. 

I tried to grab for Helen, noticing she was out too far on the street,
but it was too late. The car hit her right in the side. She was 
propelled 5 feet in the air only to be dropped 6 meters away from where 
she had originally been standing. She landed in a resounding smack, her 
head cracking open against the pavement. I watched in silence as her 
hair became tainted with a deep red hue. 

A loud squeal of tires and revving of engine pulled my attention away
from her. I looked up in time to see the car reverse and then turn 180 
degrees and race off the street at full speed. My mind was numb and I 
watched the car until I could no longer see it in the distance. I 
couldn't move. I didn't hear the people around me screaming and 
consoling arms wrapping around me. I vaguely heard people shout, "Call 
the police! Someone! Get some help! He's getting away. Did anyone see 
the driver? What was the license number?" 

As I stood there, the scene and the suddenness of it all played over and
over in my mind. One thought struck me and would never leave me: If I 
had only reached out to her a few seconds sooner. If  I had only 
reached out to her a few seconds sooner. If I had only.... 


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