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The Cartel ....Part One (standard:drama, 17630 words)
Author: CharleneAdded: Feb 20 2002Views/Reads: 3228/2553Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jade, a young woman married to a powerful mafia king finds that her world has been turned upside down when she betrays the man she married. With her options for survival limited, she makes a deadly alliance that will bring her face to face with a dark pa

The Cartel Part One 

I tapped my fingers on the napkin that is lying in my lap.  I smile
politely at the man seated across from me.  I hate going to these 
dinners.  I always feel so out of place.  I look at my husband.  He’s 
in rare form tonight.  His fake laugh, and even phonier smile, sends 
chills down my spine, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I take 
another sip of the red wine I had for dinner. 

My thoughts drift back to the hour before, and the fight we had.  I
wanted to stay home and watch TV. He wanted me to go with him to yet 
another “business” meeting. I am too much aware that these “business” 
meetings are just ways of the Cartel getting new blood, adding another 
player to the game.   Cartel is my last name. Cartel is also the last 
name of the most powerful family in the black Mafia.  Many people will 
say that the mafia no longer exists.  They would be wrong.  The mafia 
is more powerful now than it’s ever been, due in part to that 

I try to refocus my attention, on the conversation at the table, and
that’s when I see you.  I’m mesmerized by the color of your skin, your 
face, your build, and your walk.  My eyes follow as you and you friends 
are shown to your table.  You smile at the hostess as she hands you 
your menu and it leaves me breathless. 

“What has your fucking attention?”  The harsh raspy sound of my
husband’s voice yanks me back to my reality. “Nothing, I was just 
thinking about something.”  I notice our dinner guest is not at the 
table.  “Where did Mr. Jakes go?”  I ask trying to redirect his 
attention from my earlier indiscretion. 

“He had to make a phone call.  You need to try and be a little more
friendly.”  He barks orders at me like a drill sergeant.   My teeth 
cringe and my stomach turns at the thought of his request. “I’m sorry.  
I told you I didn’t want to come in the first place.” “Well you’re here 
now, so pull your head out of your ass, and start acting like my wife.” 

I say nothing as I again glance your way.  You’re laughing with your
friends.  I can’t help but stare.  You notice me, and smile.  I smile 
back and quickly turn away.  There would be a scene if Kevin notices 
me, if he notices you.  As I take another sip of red wine I feel your 
gaze on the side of my face.  I began to squirm in my seat, wanting to 
look your way but unable to.  “If you  will excuse me please.”  I stand 
up from the table without making eye contact with Kevin.  Unsure of 
where I’m going exactly I walk past your table, catching your eye, I 
smile yet again.  Your eyes, dark and dreamy, meet mine and you whisper 
a hello.  I walk past.  My heart beating fast I make my way to the 
ladies room.  As I freshen my lips with color and spray my perfume.  My 
mind wonders about you.  What’s your name, how old are you?  Do you 
have a girlfriend or a wife?  I stare at myself in the mirror.  Trying 
hard to find the person that I left behind, seeing no trace of her, I 
tussle my fingers through my hair, take a deep breath and walk to the 

I’m startled by your presence as I fling the door open. “Hello.”  Your
voice is soft as black satin.  It brings warmth like a fire on a cold 
snowy September morning.  I’m taken with you and yet you have no idea.  
“I saw you having dinner with your father and...” I smile and giggle 
slightly. “What?”  Your eyes burn right through me. “He’s not my 
father, he’s my husband.”  Your eyes gaze down at my left hand. “I 
see.” “No, I don’t think you do.”  I say quietly.  I hope that you 
understood the hidden meaning.  Realizing I’ve been away for far too 
long, I brush past you, lightening strikes. “I really need to be 
getting back.”  I smile and began to walk away. “Wait!  My name is 
Damon.  What is yours?”  I turn around at the sound of your voice. 
“Jade, Jade Cartel.”  I wait for a reaction from you.  There is none.  
I continue my walk back to the table. 

“What took you so long?”  Kevin’s eyes are dark and angry but his words
are subdued for the benefit of Mr. Jakes, our dinner guest. “There was 
a girl sick in the restroom I was helping her.”  It amazed me how 
quickly I could spin a bold face lie. “Well we are finished here.  It’s 
time to go home.  Jack, I will call you tomorrow with the new details.” 
“That sounds great.  Jade you ‘ve been a delight this evening.” I push 

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