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Night imps (standard:other, 302 words)
Author: VioletAdded: Mar 22 2002Views/Reads: 3226/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
the faeries have danced here.

Tiny footprints in the mud.  In the morning, I check where i left a dish
of honey yesterday.  A candel is still illuminating the greenish white 
underbellis of the cala lillies in the park.  Faeries danced here, 
their tiny feet beating rythms in the hard-packed city park dirt.  My 
glass dish is empty. 

I live with my mother in a small apartment in the city.  Our apartment
is in a grimy yellow-bricked apartment building amidst factories and 
smokestacks and other buildings that have been there longer and are 
completely caked with dirt and grime, and make your fingers bleed when 
you drag your hand against them. 

I like the park.  Our apartment is always smelly, like the pickled
cabbage that my mother's new boyfriend brought us, that my mother is 
always eating, now.  There are faeries at the park.  They always leave 
their honey foot prints in the earth.  They are hiding from 
civilization in the trees. 

I've seen them  before, too.  A long time ago when we lived in LA.  I
like to build little elf houses.  At night I would stay near the window 
box, listening to my mother snoring,  and I would wait for them to come 
out of the roots.  And they did.  They knew that I was watching, too.  
They didn't want to talk to me, though. They just like to sit there and 
whisper.  Night imps.  That's what they are called. 

Colecting my dish of honey, I see someone walking toward me, frowning. 
The lumy shape is smoking a cigarette and 'tsk'ing.  My mother.  She 
never leaves the house, anymore. 

there you are!  She says.  I have been looking for you.  No
eight-year-old girl should be here alone.  Without her mother. 

This is a sign.  Faeries have danced here. And my mother is one of them.


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