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THE BALANCE (standard:poetry, 154 words)
Author: David AnthonyAdded: Oct 10 2000Views/Reads: 3125/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem about love... (need I say more?)

The Balance 

Sadness, desolation beyond measure 

Lifeless, dull, grey 

Barren and empty 

Missing the sun. 

A drop of rain trickles into the cracked earth 

The sun returns, warming the soul 

Suddenly, the other is there 

Life sparkles and things come alive. 

The energy is in the air 

An unspoken connection, a symbiosis 

Between the earth and the sun 

The one and the other. 

Each alone is for naught 

Pieces of a puzzle in disarray 

A fire waiting to be lit 

Clay waiting to be molded. 

When the two mix, something new is born 

A partnership of eternal love 

The ultimate balance, the best of each 

The balance, nature's way. 

Spring is in the air 

What has been yoked together, 

Let no man tear asunder 

An affair of the heart. 

The one and the other 

The earth and the sun 

The man and the woman 

The partnership forged from love. 

- copyright, David Anthony, 2000 


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