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Fluffers Revenge (standard:humor, 476 words)
Author: nerdgirlAdded: Jun 07 2002Views/Reads: 3351/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Fluffers has some issues and will try to work them out. Don't do what I did tho, make your cat see a therapist.

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Today was the first day of the last day of my life.  I was sitting
peacefully on my cat haired couch when I got attacked out from nowhere. 
 Aparently, I had been blinking too much because my cat attacked my 
eyelids again.  It's too bad cats can't resist anything that moves. 
This gave me an idea. I picked up my laser pen as I chuckled evily and 
pointed the firey red beam towards the balcony.  Fluffers must have 
forgotten that we lived on the 23rd floor because he flew out that door 
like he used to when I'd chase him with my vacuum.  Silly Fluffers, he 
doesn't have much of a memory lately.  Especially after that incident 
in the tub with the hairdryer.  How was I supposed to know that my cat 
cleans himself?  He always stunk like my little brother did on bean dip 
night. I decided to get some rest since my fun filled day had come to 
an end.  I snuggled up in my cat haired bed and started to count 
flying, splattered kittys in my head.  Suddenly I was awaken by a low 
rumbling growl that sent a chill up my neck.  "Fluffers, is that you?' 
I said as I jerked up.   Fluffers was sitting at the end of my bed 
staring at me with an intensity I will never forget.  He started to 
walk slowly up to me.  This scared me because Fluffers had never looked 
me in the eye before and has never walked towards me, he's usually 
running away.  He stopped right at the tip of my nose and said "I don't 
always land on my feet you know."  He didn't even let me get a chance 
to explain before his paw came at me with a force of one pissed off 
pussy.    After that point all I remember was a cloud of cat hair 
surrounding me and every breath I took had clogged up my throat until I 
could not breathe.  Fluffers stood on my chest and grinned while I 
gasped and coughed.  "How does it feel?  What, do you need some hair 
ball treatment?  Oh, that's right, you never bought any!!!"  I heard 
him say sarcastically as I took my last breath.  Fluffers was right, I 
neglected him and was mean to him.  But I still got alot of 
entertainment during my life though.  I can't remember anything as 
funny as the day he got worms and tried to itch his little bottom on my 
new carpet.  I kept thinking that could cause some serious rug burn but 
he kept doing it anyways. I think Fluffers will feel bad in the morning 
and try to revive me.  Cats that abuse usually have remorse after they 
have had time to think about what they have done.


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