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My Heart is Torn (standard:poetry, 143 words)
Author: The TemptresssAdded: Jul 08 2002Views/Reads: 2917/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short poem dealing with two choices.

My heart is torn 

Emotions running high, 

I long to feel your touch 

Your skin on mine, 

Cool and yet searing 

To the very core of me, 

Your lips as they suckle 

At my breasts, 

My fingers through your hair, 

My body aching 

To be one with yours, 

Our passion rising 

The crescendo of our climax 

Reverbrating through the halls, 

We lay glistening, 

legs entertwined, 

talking and laughing 

My head on your heart 

Thumping in my ear 

My hand aimlessly wandering 

Across your chest 

Of whom do I speak? 

My husband of nearly two decades 

Who has stood beside me 

Through good times and bad, 

Or my lover 

My friend of a few years 

Whose eyes are cyan blue 

Moustache lightly tickling me 

As his lips make their way 

Across my body, 

I wipe the tears from my eyes 

My heart is torn.


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