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Just Another Day (standard:adventure, 2849 words)
Author: kainAdded: Jul 16 2002Views/Reads: 3269/2081Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Donald is an every day joe but with a single accident things are about to change

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DONALD- I think it was about five 

MARK- Well do you think you would noticed if she was there or not, you
must have been knackered 

DONALD- Year your probably right 

Mark returns to his desk and starts to work again Donald rubs his eyes
and does the same. 



It is now dark outside and Donald emerges from the building he gets in
his car and drives away Donald is driving by some woodland and is 
nearly asleep when suddenly a Fox appears from out of the trees. Donald 
swerves out of the way and narrowly misses it. Donald is shocked and 
now fully awake 


Donald enters the house and starts too walk up the stairs the camera
follows slowly he gets into bed again there is no one in the bed with 
him A load bang of a door can be heard Donald sits up in bed when there 
are no more sounds he lays back down and falls asleep His wife then 
enters the room and claims into bed with him 



It is breakfast again Donald is sat at the breakfast table, Louise is
stood at the sink 

DONALD- where were you last night 

LOUISE- me ermmm I was downstairs getting a drink when you came in 

DONALD- then why did the front door slam shut 

LOUISE- well I thought I heard something outside anyway why were you
early last night 

DONALD- I done most of the work I had too do the night before 

LOUISE- have you got much too do tonight 

DONALD- year I got a bit to do I think a bit later tonight 

LOUISE- well I'll tell you what I'll wait up for you tonight a make you
something to eat alright 

DONALD- year that would be lovely thanks 


Donald goes the same routine as last time without looking 


MARK- How you doing Don 

DONALD- I was alright until I realised that I had to go to work 

MARK- yeah I know what you mean 

BOSS- come on you two get some work done especially you Mark I may have
to reconsider you having that time off today 

Later on after Mark has left, it dark outside 

DONALD- how come Mark left early 

OFFICE WORKER- I thought you new he's got a new girlfriend problem is
she's married 

DONALD- what? 

OFFICE WORKER- he's been seeing her for a few weeks know 

Donald runs out of the office 

BOSS- hey Donald you need to get those reports in, and just because
Marks having time off does not mean you can as well. 



Donald is driving very fast and is still a bit sleepy he is coming too
the road where he missed the fox A women appears in the road Donald 
doesn't see her There is a load thud it wakes up Donald 

DONALD- WHAT THE FUCK? I bet it's another fox 

Donald exist the car and looks at what he has hit There is a young women
lying dead in the road 

DONALD- oh shit 

Donald just looks at the body in shock; there is a long silence. Donald
begins to shake. 

DONALD- what the hell am I going to do, well it was an accident so no
one will blame me, but they might not believe me, I might get sent to 
prison for this, I can't go to prison, I'm not a criminal, I don't 
belong in prison. No ones seen me, no one can say it was me, but they 
might be able to trace me if I leave the body 

Donald starts too load the body into the boot of the car. He struggles
with the weight but manages to get it in; he slams the boot shut. He 
then claims into his car and drives off. 



Donald exits the car, he looks shaken up. He enters the house 


Donald enters the front room the on the floor are Mark and Louise
kissing. Donald still shaken looks at them both, he then stumbles into 
the kitchen. The sound of Louise and Mark getting dressed, the front 
door slams shut. Louise then enters the kitchen Donald has his back to 

Louise-Well don't just stand there say something 

Donald still in silence with his back to her. There is a long silence 

Donald-Just get out of my way 

Donald shoves past Louise and heads up the stairs she is left alone in
the kitchen. 



Donald is sat in the front room watching television The news starts 

News reporter-The breaking story this morning is the disappearance of
the daughter of Ian Bradley the infamous gangland boss she is thought 
to be dead as traces of her blood have been found on the Ainsty road 

Donald turns off the television 

Donald-oh fuck that's me dead if they find out it's me I'm done for even
if I go to prison I'm still a dead man I'll have to..... 

Louise-Donald is that you look we need to talk 

Donald stands up 

Donald-Not now 

Donald pushes past her and exits the room. 

Louise-We need to talk this isn't going to go away (SHOUTING AFTER HIM) 


Louise is laid in bed on her own she is asleep The noise of someone
digging can be heard off screen Louise wakes up and hears the noise she 
gets out of bed and heads over to the window and pulls open the 
curtains. Donald is out side digging in the back garden Louise exits 
the room and heads down stairs 


Louise appears in the back doorway Donald doesn't see her and carries on

Louise-Donald what are you doing 

Donald-What does it look like the gardening 

Louise-But it's eleven o' clock at night and you've never done it

Donald-Well I can start can't I 

Louise-Look about last night I jus.................. 

A hand can be seen protruding from the ground where Donald is digging
Donald looks down and realises that she has seen the hand. 

Louise-what have you done have you killed Mark just to get back at me 

Donald-No No it's not Mark it's just some girl 

Louise-So you were making me feel guilty last night even though you were
sleeping with some little tramp but instead of finishing with her you 
killed her instead (she starts to turn hysterical) 

Donald reaches towards her 

Donald-no it's not what you think 

Louise screams 

Louise-Get away from me you murderer 

Donald-I'm not a murderer it was an accident I didn't mean to...... 

Louise starts to run towards the house, Donald gives chase 

Louise-Help help he's trying to kill me (screaming) 

They both run into the house, Louise enters the kitchen and shuts the
door and holds it against Donald who is trying to get in. 


Donald is trying to push the door open but is unable to 

Donald-Louise let me in I just want to talk to you that's all I'm not
going to hurt you 


Louise-Keep out I'm ringing the police 

Louise reaches for the phone and dials in the number for the police 


Donald-No don't do that I can explain it was an accident I didn't mean
to kill her 


Louise-Hello, yes it's my husband he's trying to kill me, he's already
killed one girl now he's after me he's out side the door and he's 
trying to get in quick he's trying to kill me 


Donald-I'm not going to kill you at all I just want to talk that's all 

Louise-The police are on there way (from inside the kitchen) 

Donald starts to become stressed and runs out of the house, he gets into
the car and begins to drive away franticly. 



There are two police officers in the room with Louise who is sat a the
kitchen table 

Officer-Have you any idea where your husband could have gone you know
friends Family 

Louise-He can't be at his families they live too far away and his only
friend was Mark But I don't think that he'll be going there 

Officer-Could you just run through what happened one more time please 

Louise-Well I went out into the garden and found him burying the body of
some poor Women who he'd just killed in cold blood then when he saw me 
he turn into a Maniac and tried to kill me right there in the garden so 
I just ran into the house And called the police Officer-That's all for 
now would you like us to contact someone for you so that you're not On 
your own 

Louise-Yes could you call Mark for me his number is on the fridge,



Donald is at the wheel of the car driving frantically 


Donald is driving extremely fast down the motorway 


Donald-Shit shit shit what the hell am I going to do now I can't go
back, they won't Believe me that it was an accident the only thing I 
can do is keep on running And hope I can lose them 



A car pulls up in to Donald's houses drive four men exit the car and
walk towards the house 


The front door is suddenly kick open from the outside the four men then
enter the house 


Mark and Louise are sat on the sofa Mark with his arm around Louise. One
of the men grabs Mark and throws him to the ground another grabs hold 
of Louise 

IAN-Which one of you two know where the fuck Donald Harris is 

Mark-Look I don't know who you are but you can't just barge in here like
this and... 

IAN-Just answer the fucking question 

Mark-I don't know where he is 

IAN-Do you know where he is (talking to Louise) 

Louise-N..N. N.. No I don't know where he is 

Ian-Well if he turns up ring this number right 

Ian passes Louise a small card with a number written on it, the men all
leave the house 



This is a small café at the side of the road there are a few cars parked
out side one of witch is Donald's. 


There are tables in the café, most of which are empty the CAMERA MOVES
IN on to Donald who is sat at the corner of the room. Donald is sat 
reading a newspaper. At T.V is on in the corner of the room the news 
has just started. 

Reporter-The hunt for Donald Harris continues today but the hunt has
increased with the Farther of the young girl joining the chase, he is 
the well know Ian Starling Who is best remembered when he himself was 
on trail for murdering to men As we all know Ian was never convicted of 
the crime even though the Evidence was stacked against he has also been 
associated with gangland Activities. Mr Starling was unable to answer 
any question when asked today 


As soon as Donald says this everyone in the café turns and looks at him
Donald immeaditly pulls the newspaper over his face. 

Reporter-We have had news just in that a 500,000 dollar reward has been
offered for the Capture of Donald Harris 

The bar man reaches for his gun under the counter and brings it to bear
on the table at which Donald has been sitting Donald is no longer 
sitting there only the paper remains The CAMERA ZOOMS IN on the front 
page of the newspaper Donald's face is on the front page. 


Donald is running towards his car he then enters the car and drives
quickly away from the café. SCENE 16 


Ian and the other men who were at Donald's house are stood at the road
side where there are numerous cars parked at the side of the road. 

Ian-This was where he was last seen at this café so he can't have got
that far from this Position remember to use the smaller road cause he's 
more likely to use them to Avoid the cops this is the registration of 
the car he's using 

The camera has a CLOSE UP of the piece of paper, which is handed to one
of the Other men so that we can see it clearly. 

Ian-Lets gets going ring me as soon as you find him 

All the men then enter their cars and drive off in different directions.



It is night time a neon sign from the motel can been seen flashing The
camera ZOOMS IN on to a room on the ground floor 


Donald emerges from the bathroom and sits down on the bed. Lights flash
through the window from out side Donald sit up and looks out of the 
window. A car pulls up in front of his room and next to his car which 
is parked outside two men exit the car they begin two circle around 
Donald's car Donald crouches down below the widow we can hear the 
conversation We watch the conversation from DONALDS POINT OF VIEW 

First Man-This is the car 

Second Man-That's it better ring the boss 

The First Man pulls out a mobile and begins too type in a number 

First Man-Go find out which room he's in while I do this 

Second Man-O.K 

The second man heads towards the reception area Donald begins to crawl
back Into the room he starts to gather his things together he then goes 
back to the window the First Man is still stood there on his own on the 
telephone Donald creeps over to the door and slowly opens it the man on 
the phone has not seen him. The second man ten emerges from the 
reception area and begins to shout over to the other man who turns to 
face him. Donald then runs up behind him the Second Man starts to point 
at Donald behind the First Man. Donald pushes the First Man in the back 
before he has chance to turn around. Donald then runs toward his car he 
get in and starts the engine the two men begin to run towards the car 
but Donald starts the engine and drives off before they get near him. 
The two men draw their guns and open fire on the car, Donald drives 
off. The two men run back to their car and start to drive off in the 
direction of Donald, as they pull out of the car park another car pulls 
out in front of them Ian leans out of the window 

Ian- Have you found him? 

First Man-Yes he's just gone up that way 

Ian then immediately drive in the direction of Donald followed by the
two men 

A car chase then ensues 


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