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Just Another Day (standard:adventure, 2849 words)
Author: kainAdded: Jul 16 2002Views/Reads: 3072/1939Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Donald is an every day joe but with a single accident things are about to change



Scene open with a clear night sky. The camera then tilts down to reveal
a suburban area. We then see a car driving slowly round the roads, the 
camera follows right up until the car enters a driveway. A man exits 
the car. 


There is a medium shot of man, enough to see the house and car. The man
then pulls a briefcase from the car and enters the house sluggishly 


There is then a slow tracking shot of the man slowly claiming the
stairs, he is obviously tired. 


The man then gets ready for bed then claims in, there is no one else
there. The camera then pans right too see a clock it is five -o- clock. 
The camera watches the clock move around three hours. The man then gets 
out of bed and heads downstairs. 


The are two children in the kitchen along with a woman of similar age
too the man. 

LOUISE - Morning 

There is a high angle shot of the man. The man is stood in the doorway
he looks extremely tired he's not yet ready for work. The woman walks 
past the man and kisses him on the cheek. 

LOUISE- Donald will you get ready for work all you'll be late 

DONALD- it all right I won't be late 

He sits down to eat breakfast. 



Donald rushes out of the house and enters the car. Donald drives quickly
out of the drive and down the street. The camera then tracks Donald as 
he drives too work faster then he should. 



Donald enters the office without looking he hangs his coat up on the
wall and places papers in draws this is all done without looking this 
shows that Donald has done this many times before. 

MARK- Late again Don 

DONALD- It's O.K I never been caught yet 

The boss then walks past and Donald makes himself look busy. 

MARK- That was close, so how you doing 

DONALD- O.K, I had to work late again last night 

MARK- well at least when you go home you have Louise there 

DONALD- speaking of her I can't remember her being in when I got in last

MARK- what time did you get in? 

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