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Disscusion with a Depressed. (standard:poetry, 294 words)
Author: Anya LaneAdded: Sep 03 2002Views/Reads: 3779/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Look at the title and you'll get the general idea.

Sadness, sadness all around, 

I want to go were sadness cannot be found, 

This place I know it very well, 

I like it better in there, 

Can you tell? 

“In there,” you ask. “what do you mean?” 

This place I know where happiness hides is inside my very mind, 

You pause a moment then your eyes grow wide, 

Horrified you shake your head hoping it is a lie, 

But it is not, 

I can tell you why, 

This world is cruel and it broke my heart more than just in two, 

And you help the world to break my heart over and over again, 

“How?” You ask tears in your eyes, 

You do not see, 

You are blind, 

So I reply, 

I cried and you did not listen, 

I screamed and you did not hear, 

I died and you did not feel me leave, 

Now this is what is left of me, 

Do you like the person you see? 

“We did not do this!” You protest, 

But you did, 

You all did this, 

Your words they made me silent, 

Your glares made me afraid to live, 

And your actions killed my will to survive, 

“But you are alive!” You stammer now, 

It's true I may still breathe but the real me is gone away, 

Now are you happy? 

Now are you pleased? 

Now that you see what you've done to me? 

I will leave you now to ponder these things, 

Remember these words, 

Do not make another like me, 

Do not say unkind things for your words will make the other mute, 

Do not glare with eyes of hate for it will take the others will to live,

Be kind to those around you so they don't turn out like me, 

Depressed and angry. 


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