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Horse Acrobatics (standard:other, 268 words)
Author: Brent BelchamberAdded: Nov 21 2002Views/Reads: 3552/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young mans first time adventure on a horse.

The first time I rode a horse was in Australia.  I was Eleven.  Mr. Dunn
had no difficulty in leaving the scene after having saddled me up. 

This horse knew a good trick.  He held his breath when he was saddled. 
Shortly, when he let out his breath, the saddle would practically fall 

At first it was fun but the saddle started to slip.  I was no longer
“on” the animal.  And he was clever.  He would try to smear me off of 
him, by walking along the barn wall, the house wall, the cloths line 
post and the fence.  Again and again. 

Scott was laughing, walking right along, and encouraging me.  My parents
and the Dunns were having coffee. 

“Which horse did you give him?, ” Mrs. Dunn asked Mr. Dunn. 

“Stanley”, replied Mr. Dunn. 

“Well now, you know that horse will lose his rider.” Mrs. Dunn said, as
she headed for the door.  I wonder if Mr. Dunn had a smile on his face. 

From the side of the horse, slipping toward his belly, I climbed towards
his back.  The saddle rotated.  But I would not give up and Scott would 
not stop laughing.  I was concentrating so hard in the company of such 
laughter that it didn't even occur to me to call out or ask for help. 

Mrs. Dunn put her hands on her hips. ”Stanley,” she shouted, “ you stop
it this minute.” 

For the first time, Stanley stopped.  I let go and rolled to one side. 
Mrs. Dunn went back into the house while Stanley went to the barn.  
Scott laughed and laughed.


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