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miracle from beyond (standard:Ghost stories, 1375 words)
Author: SullyAdded: Dec 02 2002Views/Reads: 2932/1914Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a woman finds the supernatural to be very real


Kelly just couldn't shake that feeling; it was ominous and very strong. 
Like a large heavy blanket smothering her.  She wasn't prone to putting 
a lot of stake in the paranormal, but she wasn't a disbeliever either. 

It was strange little things happening, dreams, stomach feeling tight
and churning all the time.  She was feeling nervous and jumpy; it felt 
as if someone was in the room with her, watching her.  Kelly had that 
deep gut feeling that she couldn't shake off. 

The best she could do was try to put the feelings out of her mind, try
to ignore them.  Kelly sat in the bath relaxing with a hot cloth over 
her face.  She liked the heat and the hot water made the bathroom like 
a sauna.  Even relaxing in the bath she kept fighting the urge to look 
around.  She couldn't help it she pulled the cloth from her eyes and 
glanced around the bathroom.  Kelly jumped 2 inches as she saw 
something move in the fogged mirror.  The shape was blurry through the 
steamed mirror, but she was sure she had seem something move.  It was 
instant her heart was pounding in her chest.  She jumped out of the tub 
snatching a towel from the rack and wrapping it around her.  She was 
still dripping wet, she slowly peeked out her door into the living 
room.  It was dark and seemed quiet.  She tried her best to pierce the 
darkness; the light from the bathroom shed some illumination.  It made 
long shadows and revealed nothing.  After a bit she quickly scampered 
to the closest table lamp and flicked it on.  Now she could see as the 
living room was now bathed in soft light from the lamp.  She took a 
deep breath as she looked around and saw nothing and nothing was out of 
place either.  She choked it up to her jumpiness and the odd feelings 
that were haunting her lately.  Kelly's focus now switched to the wet 
carpet under her feet.  She realized she was still dripping wet and she 
hadn't even dried off a bit.  She headed back to the bathroom to dry 
off, but not before she took one more glance around. 

Kelly got comfortable with her book; the fire crackled and snapped
casting its warm light and warmth over her.  She sunk back trying to 
forget the knot in her stomach, and the relentless nagging feeling of 
uneasiness as if some one was watching.  She was starting to wonder 
about her sanity.  She tried to concentrate on her book, to read and 
get engrossed in the fiction of her book.  It was no use, she couldn't 
concentrate on it.  She again looked up and around expecting to see 
someone standing there with her in her living room.  Of course again 
there was no one, she put her book on the coffee table and got up and 
walked around a bit. She opened the fridge and got herself a glass of 
milk she was getting tired of this.  She wasn't able to sleep and her 
nerves were frayed from jumping a everything.  She walked back out to 
the living room and picked the book up off the couch.  She sipped on 
her glass of milk as she headed upstairs.  At the top of the stairs she 
all of a sudden got a shooting cold chill as her hands and body felt 
numb.  The glass fell from her hand as she spun looking back down at 
the living room.  The book she picked up was on the couch.  She 
remembered distinctly putting it on the coffee table when she got up to 
go to the kitchen.  Kelly couldn't move her eyes from the couch and 
living room.  She felt nauseous as the realization hit her that this 
may be something more than her nerves or her imagining things.  Kelly 
finally broke free from her frozen state and ran into her bedroom.  She 
closed the door and leaned against it.  She tried to catch her breath 
as her mind raced with all the new possibilities.  Kelly began turning 
on every light and searching every inch of her room.  Looking in the 
closet, her small bathroom, even under her bed.  Finally she was 
satisfied and laid back on her bed staring at the ceiling.  She 
realized she was in for another sleepless night. 

She trudged around the hospital doing her rounds, trying to be as
pleasant as possible.  Kelly was exhausted.  She needed a nap before 
heading to the children's ward.  It was hard enough to deal with those 
young kids with their illness and some of them with terminal disease.  
Caring for them was rewarding but so hard to see.  She wished many a 
time that she could cure all of them.  Kelly didn't have kids but those 
kids in that ward were all hers.  She did what she could for them and 
it broke her heart when she lost one.  This was the price of being a 
pediatrician.  On the other hand their smiles and strength they showed 
filled her with joy as well.  It was amazing how strong those kids 
could be in spite of their pain and sickness.  Even if one could be 
saved it was a great triumph. 

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