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Don't Cry (standard:drama, 1218 words)
Author: A.M. SneadAdded: Dec 31 2002Views/Reads: 3483/2300Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
As a small child leaves her body after a fatal car crash, she is faced with the grief of her parents and comforted by a gentle stranger.

“This story is dedicated to my good friends, Paul and Mary, in loving
memory of their daughter, Crystal Jewel.” 

The little girl lay motionless in the room of white.  Her big eyes
looked wonderingly at everything, but all she saw was white;  white 
blanket on her bed, white pillow under her head, white walls around 
her, white ceiling overhead.  Even the man in the corner was wearing a 
white robe and had long white hair that seemed to glow. 

The only color in the room was the pulsing red and gold aura
encompassing the man and woman on each side of her bed. 

She looked at each one for a long time; she knew these people.  The
woman was clutching her small hand and pressing it to her lips, crying. 
 The man, he held her hand too.  But there were no tears in his 
eyes...just emptiness as he gazed into infinity. 

Momma and daddy.  They were her mommy and daddy.  But how did they all
get here?  The last thing she remembered was riding in the car, going 
to the store. 

“It's time to go, sweetheart.”  The man in the white robe and white hair
was standing at her bedside.  A light, that reminded her of the sun, 
shown out of his eyes as he smiled and reached for her hand. 

“Momma and daddy...?” 

The man shook his head.  “I'm sorry, sweety, they can't come.” 

“But...but I can't leave them.”  She whispered.  “They're so...sad.” 
Tears filled her wide eyes.  “Why are they so sad?” 

“Because they think they've lost you forever.”  He said softly.  “But
they will see you again one day.” 

The little girl brightened.  “When?  Tomorrow?” 

“No, honey, not tomorrow.  Not for a long time.” 

The child's eyes saddened, then grew with innocent wonder as she stared
at the two heart broken people.  “Why are they glowing?” 

“Do you see the beautiful brilliant gold light that surrounds them?” 
The little girl nodded and waited for him to go on.  “That gold light 
represents their depth of love for you.  And that deep, pulsing red their pain and grief.  It's how much they are hurting right 

“I don't want momma and daddy to hurt.”  The child whispered, her small
voice shaking. 

“In time, the deep red will fade to a soft pink and blend with the gold.
 And together, the two will replace the intense pain with beautiful 

“Can...can I tell them goodbye?” 

“Of course you can.” 

The little girl crawled from beneath the white blanket and stood on the
tiled floor beside her momma.  The shattered woman still clutched the 
tiny hand, sobbing.  The child looked at the little body in the bed 
then at her momma.  As her momma leaned against the bed, her body 
trembling beneath her tears, the little girl wrapped her arms around 
the woman's waist and held her tight.  “I'm okay, mommy.”  She 
whispered.  “Please don't be sad anymore.  We'll see each other again, 
we will.”  She looked across the bed at the man in white, her wide eyes 

“She can't hear you right now.”  He said gently.  “Her grief is too
great.  But your words are in her heart now, and soon she will hear 
them and know she doesn't have to be afraid anymore.” 

The little girl leaned up on her tip-toes and kissed the woman's damp
cheek.  “I love you, mommy.  Please don't cry anymore.” 

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