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luanne and catherine part 1 (standard:other, 1042 words)
Author: mimsers and her cow who is the queen of the world...Added: Jan 07 2003Views/Reads: 2948/1856Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
oh...its a lovery storie about luanne, catherine and her husband burt who is cheating on her and luanne is her insane best freind and it is all good bro!!! AIIIEEEE!

Chapter 1. . . . 

"Luanne!"  Katherine screamed, collapsing onto the 


"Oh, get up! Get up and bounce, for the love of god woman, 

bounce!"  Luann, Katherine thought, is like Phoebe on friends. And I 

am Monica whacked out on pregnancy hormones.  "Just because 

your husband is having an affair you don't have to be such a 

downer.  Babies like to bounce."  Luanne grabbed her hands and 

started jumping up and down like a manic. 

"How do you know?" 

"Sixth sense.  I also know that you feel like eating paint 

right now." 

"Luanne, I'm not questioning you or anything but wasn't that 

a given?  Burt is not having an affair.  End of conversation." 

"Suit yourself, but keep bouncing,"  Luanne urged just as 

Katherine put her feet straight out in front of her and fell on 

her bottom. 

"Please, god, no more.  Lets just go to the pool." 

"What if you have the baby?  It could drown." 

"The baby isn't due for two months." 

"You're always having your way,"  Luanne muttered. 

Katherine kicked her straight in the shin. "Shouldn't Burt have 

been home by now?...oh wait he's..." 

"Working late for your information." 

"Sure.  Whatever you say.  Drink this now."  Luanne picked up 

a mug off the grass.  "Herbal tea." Katherine grabbed the mug and 

chugged the tea in two seconds flat. 

"Could use some paint," she declared, throwing the mug 

absent mindedly into a patch of mud.  It landed with a squish. 

"damn it..." Katherine whined, scratching at the trampoline mesh 

underneath her.  Luanne had started bouncing again, taking her 

along for the ride.  "Stop it!" 

Luanne, deaf to her friend's complaining, put her red hair up 

in pig tails, screeching "look at me!  I'm a happy little school girl! 

Aren't I happy, Kate?" In response, Katherine kicked her again. 

"Violence is not the answer." 

"Shut it."  Katherine jumped up and punched at Luanne 

weakly.  Luanne dodged it, causing Katherine to fall face first 

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