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Imprisonment (standard:poetry, 152 words)
Author: GoldendragonAdded: Nov 10 2000Views/Reads: 3256/6Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
For when you're in a gloomy mood.


In a room, Filled with gloom, I sit, my soul, possessed by doom. 

No ray of hope, Shines in there, No passer-by dare linger. 

No noise tinkles, Through those horrid halls, To come and pay visits, To
these old walls. 

Instead, eerie silence rules And her ink black cloaks, She spreads, Over
this lonely forsaken room, Possessed by doom. 

The only sound, That dares pass round, Is the cry That issues from my
Tortured soul's most desperate core. 

But hark, what do I hear? Bells ringing in my ear? How so? How so? 

Has my last hour arrived? Or is it just a distant vibe, Form a church
bell tower, passing by? But no, it cannot be, for silence rules, 

Oh, tortured soul! Oh, desperate mind! Any light that in my mind
remained, Is now forever extinguished! Darkness wins and closes over, 
As I give in and fall forever under. 


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