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The Sacred Slab Cheddar (standard:adventure, 833 words)
Author: Anya LaneAdded: Jan 31 2003Views/Reads: 3337/2193Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Two mice become bored in their small town. Arthur gets dared by his friend Tibbs to steal the Sacred Slab of Cheddar. What Arthur doesn't know is that the cheese controls the borders of the Mississippi River.

The Sacred Slab of Cheddar. Tatiana Lehnen. 

Arthur Ratworth had always been a model citizen of Rat city, located by
the Mississippi River. His parents were so proud he had always been the 
talk of the town, lately however for a different reason. It all started 
. . . 

It was a clear and sunny day and Arthur Ratworth was so. .  bored. There
was absolutely nothing to do. He thought about venturing out to see the 
giants (humans) but he knew it was forbidden. Or at least by his 
parents anyway. “Something terrible could happen to you.” His mother 
squeaked in a high pitched terrified voice. Her tiny hands trembled in 
absolute terror. “You could be squished, or caught in those awful 
traps, or even worse eaten by a cat.” He ended the discussion at that 

“Arthur are you as bored as I am?” Tibbs, his friend asked. 

“Yup.” He sighed 

“I have an idea but it's going to be risky and it's going to cause a lot
of commotion.” 

Arthur was curious at the adventurous tone his friends voice. He propped
himself up on his elbows. “What?” 

Tibbs leaned closer with a mischievous glint in his eyes. After he
glanced around to make sure no one was close enough to hear him he 
began to tell Arthur his plan. “ We could sneak into the sacred Cheese 
Chamber and steal the sacred slab of Cheddar.” 

Arthur didn't like the idea of stealing. “I don't know Tibbs.” 

“Come on are you a rat or a mouse?” When Tibbs saw the hesitation still
in his eyes a nasty look took over. “I dare you!” 

Arthur never passed up a dare and Tibbs knew it. “Accepted.” 


It was easy to break into the sacred Chamber of Cheese. The guards were
. . .  well kind of dense. Tibbs had told them the mayor of Rat City 
had told them to bring him the Sacred Slab of Cheddar. Tibbs was 
laughing about how simple it was but Arthur was still nervous. 

“Can we hurry?” Arthur asked nervously. “They're finally going to figure
out we lied.” “How do you figure that? They aren't going to know till 
we've eaten the entire thing and are far away from here. Relax.” He 
didn't say anymore for at that moment his eyes fell upon the Sacred 
Cheese. “Look at it . . . it looks so delicious.” 

“Keep your mouth away from it until later.” Arthur insisted firmly. He
snatched the cheese off the stone and stuck it into a sack. “All right 
can we please get out of here now?” 

“Why do you get to carry it?” 

“Tibbs,” he practically shouted annoyed his friend was being so
difficult. “Now please!!” 

“Okay, okay already.” 

They started back down the tunnels. When they exited the cave were the
cheese had been located the guards just smiled. Arthur heard the rush 
of water from the Mississippi River. He had almost forgotten that the 
cave was located underneath it. 

Tibbs and Arthur ran to the edges of Rat City getting ready to leave
forever. “Should we turn and say our last good bye?” Arthur asked. 

“Yeah.” Tibbs agreed but as he turned his yes filled with horror and his
mouth dropped open. 

“What?” Arthur asked in confusion. 

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