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In Dreams (standard:romance, 728 words)
Author: A. G. SanchezAdded: Feb 16 2003Views/Reads: 3668/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A dream in which soul mates share...(part one)

The sky was a dark gray with no clouds at all. The ground even seemed
like a hazy color of gray. I turned around trying to find some sense of 
direction, but I did not know where I was or even when I was. There was 
no wind, no sounds at all. I could not even hear my own breathing. I 
looked down at my hands and they seemed normal enough. It was my 
surroundings that was different. 

Suddenly, off in the distance, I see a black shadow start to form.
Something tells me to walk towards it, so I do. The only problem was, 
it was like walking through mud. My legs felt as if they weighed a ton 
and it was an effort to move. The shadow then takes the shape of a man. 
I look at him in puzzlement as a trickle of familiarity runs down my 
back. He keeps walking towards me and I can not move. I am frozen to 
the spot where I am standing. I want to move forward, but for some 
reason, I cannot. 

The man then stops in front of me, his tall frame casting a shadow over
me, but I cannot make out his features. He holds out his hand and as if 
in slow motion, mine raises to be folded into his. All of a sudden, 
everything shifts as if a great wind has blown it. I close my eyes 
against the bright light. I can feel the wind on my cheeks as 
everything changes. I can still feel the mans hand enveloping my own. 
Then, the wind calms down and everything is quiet again. I open my eyes 
slowly and watched as the gray sky becomes a bright blue, the gray 
grass turns green and the man in front of me becomes real. His bright 
green eyes are the same color as the grass and his dimples wink to life 
as he smiles at me as if he knows something that I do not. The wind 
begins to blow softly and his curly black hair blows around in 
disarray. I feel myself smile as a feeling of content comes over me. My 
heart is telling me that I have found what I have been looking for 
while my mind is telling me, at the same time, to beware. 

We start walking together, hand in hand, over the green grass. Somewhere
deep inside of me, I know that this is not real, that it will not last 
forever. He starts talking to me, but his mouth is not moving. We have 
found each other at long last. I will never let you go again. What do 
you mean, again? I ask, my voice floating on the light breeze. He just 
smiles at me. It seems as if we walk a long ways until finally we come 
to the ocean. I can even smell the salty sea air. I clasp his hand 
tightly and wonder how much longer I have to enjoy this moment. Enjoy 
this while we can before we are separated. I turn my face up to his in 
puzzlement. It was as if he had read my mind. I thought you were not 
going to let me go again? Sometimes we have no choice. His voice 
carries the lilt of Ireland, deep and husky with it. So this is really 
a dream. I will never see you again...will I? I look back over the blue 
ocean water as if searching for the answer. We have our dreams darling. 
We can always find each other in our dreams. My hand that was gripping 
his, suddenly was empty. I look quickly to where he once stood and see 
nothing but emptiness. A sense of loneliness and despair wash over me. 
I go down on my knees as I cry softly. I then look up at the sky as it 
changes from a bright blue to a ink colored black. 

No! Not again! I cry at the sky, not even comprehending what I was
saying. Thunder booms overhead and lightning flashes starkly against 
the darkness of the sky. We will be together soon, I will make sure of 
it. The mans voice reaches my ears over the roar of the thunder. I feel 
as if I am suddenly weightless, as if I am flying. Then, I wake up. 


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