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Confusion (standard:poetry, 295 words)
Author: lilwolfcubAdded: Feb 25 2003Views/Reads: 2634/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
its mostly ramblins of a mood long gone


Look around me, confusion is all I see. Death and hatred brining bright.
Love and hope fading fast. All, I can do is cry for the future 
generations. My scream torn from the center of my soul, Ripping me 
apart holding me in place. I cannot move, my mind will not allow it to 
be done. 

Am I, the one to help who I see. And, How can I, when Fear consumes me?
I feel helpless and alone. Do I push people away, Or do they stay away? 
Who is the real me? What is wrong with the world, and why do I have to 
fight it? What is the evil that eats at people's hearts, and makes them 

Where are the people with courage? And, when re they gonna help us? All
I know is what was said over and over. The energy that runs through my 
frail form. My emotions of jumbled thoughts and You. What you are like. 
Somewhat like me yet, different. So are you ready to fight for what 
must be done. But, Can we when its so hard? 

We count our sick, twisted  sorrows as if we were counting gold. We
revel in our sorrows as we pushed them away. The dreams that lay about 
our feet. We have no clue that they are but broken. Crooked evil smiles 
play across our faces. All of us, a little demented. 

Some of us, have seen the lost souls of always. Before the black tides
come in and wipe the sick smiles from our painted faces. Are we at all 
perfect? I think not yet in our insanity, We insist we are the closet 
to perfection. In reality we are so far  from it we may never catch up 


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