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A Ghost's Story (standard:horror, 2295 words)
Author: Casey PoncianoAdded: Mar 21 2003Views/Reads: 3383/2323Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Tom wakes up to hear his wife crying and finds his daughter not waking from her sleep. He wonders, whats wrong with his wife Grace? Whats wrong with his daughter Cindy? These are answers he will soon find out, but an answer he wishes that never happens.

When I woke up, I stretched my left hand to feel for my wife.  Usually
when I wake up, I give her a morning kiss.  But she was not beside me.  
I wondered where she was.  Then I heard someone crying.  It sounded 
like my daughter in the next room was having a bad dream.  I always 
told her not to watch scary movies before she sleeps.  I got out of my 
bed and looked around.  Where was my wife Grace?  Then I looked at the 
clock.  It was ten o'clock in the morning.  Dammit, I was already late 
for work.  I wondered why Grace didn't wake me.  I got up, walked to 
the bathroom, and washed up.  Then I heard the weeping again. “Cindy, 
wake up baby, you're just having a bad dream,” I yelled to my daughter, 
but she continued to cry.  And me being a father, I knew that it meant 
daddy would have to come to the rescue.  I stepped out of my bedroom 
and I walked to her room.  The weeping then stopped.  Her door was 
closed so I knocked. 

“Cindy, I'm here sweetie,” I called to my daughter, but she didn't
answer.  I knocked on the door and I called her again.  “Cindy, daddy's 
here.  What's wrong?” I asked, but she still didn't answer.  I opened 
the door and Cindy was in her bed asleep.  I walked to her and I 
grabbed her by the shoulders and I shook her.  But she didn't wake up.  
“Cindy, wake up.  You're just having a bad dream,” I said as I shook 
her again.  She did not make any movement.  Her covers were off of her 
body and I touched her face.  She was very cold.  “Cindy, wake up,” I 
said again, but there was no response.  I brought my hands to her hands 
and I grabbed them.  They were icy cold.  Then I moved her hair from 
her face and I noticed that her skin was very pale.  “Cindy, wake up,” 
I yelled at her.  But she didn't move.  She wasn't even breathing.  I 
placed two fingers from my right hand on her left wrist.  I didn't feel 
a pulse.  Something was wrong with Cindy.  “Cindy,” I yelled at her as 
I shook her again, but she still did not respond.  “Oh my God, Cindy,” 
I said as I became hysterical.  I picked her up and held her in my arms 
for awhile.  I knew my little girl was dead.  I wondered what happened 
to my little Cindy. 

Then the weeping started again.  It wasn't Cindy, so it had to be wife,
Grace.  Maybe she walked in already and she saw what was wrong with 
Cindy, but why didn't she wake me up.  “Grace, dial 911,” I yelled.  I 
hoped she heard me.  I believed that she was downstairs.  That's where 
the weeping was coming from.  “Grace, something's wrong with Cindy.  
Dial 911, okay?” I yelled again, but Grace didn't respond.  I thought 
that something happened to Grace.  If it wasn't her crying, then who 
else could it be?  I placed Cindy back onto her bed.  I tucked her in 
like I did last night.  I knew she wasn't alive anymore, but I couldn't 
believe she was gone.  I kissed her on the forehead.  “I love you 
baby,” I said to her for the last time as tears fell down my face. 

I walked out of her room and I closed the door behind me.  I still heard
the weeping from downstairs.  “Grace where are you?” I asked.  But she 
didn't respond.  I walked downstairs slowly.  I hoped that no one else 
was in the house.  Why didn't Grace dial 911 already?  I reached the 
bottom of the stairs and I still heard the sobbing.  I walked toward 
the living room and I stopped for awhile to listen for the crying.  It 
started again and it sounded like it came from the kitchen.  I walked 
toward the kitchen.  I walked in but no one was there.  But I still 
heard the crying. 

“Grace where are you.  It's going to fine baby.  I'll dial 911.  Okay?”
I said, but she didn't respond.  I tried to comfort her, but I knew 
Cindy was not okay.  And I knew that Grace already knew herself.  But 
why didn't she answer me.  I walked to the kitchen telephone and I 
dialed 911.  An operator picked up. 

“911, what's your emergency?” the operator asked. 

“Please send someone over.  My daughter's not breathing,” I told the

“What happened?” she asked. 

“I don't know.  I just woke up and I went to check on her, and she
didn't wake up from her sleep.  I can't feel a pulse on her.  Please 
send someone over,” I asked. 

“Calm down Mister... who am I speaking to?” she asked. 

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