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childhood accomplishments (standard:humor, 482 words)
Author: giborimAdded: Apr 17 2003Views/Reads: 3961/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Jared was always the big brother, stronger and better at everything but just once I wanted to be better.

“You never hit anything”, yelled Jared.  He did that dance too.  That
taunting one that I hated.  His butt shook, arms reached to the sky, 
his head tilted back the bright south Florida summer sunshine pouring 
down on his dance and he laughed.  It was true though.  Jared was only 
eighteen months my senior but he kicked my butt in sports.  At 9 years 
old he was taller, stronger, and faster than I, but I was more 

The pool in our backyard shimmered like it never had before. Jared was
about fifteen feet away from me, waist deep in the cool pool water but 
I could still see the dance.  It made me wish the arrow was real and 
that it would hurt him good when it hit. 

I drew back on the bow with my arrow in place.  The arrow didn't go
anywhere near him.  It was a failure.  Jared laughed wildly.  I felt my 
face turn red and my muscles clench up.  I felt like the little teapot 
and the steam was pouring out of my ears. I was more determined than 

The bow was red plastic and I believe it was purposely made poorly so
children couldn't hurt each other with it.  The yellow plastic arrow 
didn't have a point, it had a red suction cup that never stuck when you 
shot it.  If you wanted to make it stick you had to lick it and then 
put in onto a window and even then you only had a fifty-fifty shot of 
it sticking.  But even with all these things against me I knew I would 
do it. 

“Ok, I'll put my hands behind my back and I wont flinch” Jared taunted. 
He even put his face forward a little as to make it even more 
embarrassing when I missed.  I placed the arrow on the bow and pulled 
the elastic cord back.  With the bow close to my head I tried to aim.  
Then I let go. 

WHAM! I hit him.  I really did it.  Right in the eye, actually.  I
almost wanted to run and get my mom to tell her I was so proud.  But 
then he did it.  I can't believe he did but he did.  He cried.  Not 
real crying because it hurt but fake crying to get me in trouble. Who 
cares?  I still did it.  I watched the gigantic tears swell in his 
enormous brown eyes and I felt righteous.  How could I get in trouble 
I'd just tell my dad what happened and he would understand. 

Clump. Clump. Clump. “Dad's coming” Jared said laughing through his
phony tears.  It suddenly dawned on me I'm going to trouble.  And I 
did.  I got spanked, it hurt but it never took away the memory of 
hitting my brother right in the eye with that arrow.  It was the best 
feeling ever. 


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