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RIVER OF LOVE (standard:poetry, 157 words)
Author: Norma MilutinAdded: Nov 26 2000Views/Reads: 3489/6Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
POEM. About the hoplessness we can all feel sometimes, and how God can help us, if we believe in Him.

I felt like my life was shipwrecked at sea. 

Adrift in a world that would not see. 

The pain and the hurt was all that remained. 

I felt that my mind was going insane. 

No hope was in sight,The pain was too much. 

Nothing was right, I didn't feel His touch. 

I couldn't let Jesus into my life. 

My soul was filled with too much strife, 

The river of sorrow had taken my soul. 

I felt that i never again would feel whole, 

Too much had happened, Too far had i been. 

Until one day, someone told me "let Jesus come in". 

I tried to pray, but didn't know how, 

My soul was sinking deeper each day. 

And then God sent a stranger to me, 

Who taught me how to pray. 

I received my salvation, and it was free. 

The rivers have calmed, the torments are gone, 

Because i am now filled with His river of love.


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