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The Chronicles of Innocence- The One (standard:science fiction, 10963 words)
Author: Bria HalcoAdded: Jun 27 2003Views/Reads: 3202/2083Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story may be kinda corny, but I had alot of fun writing it. Don't take it too serious,its all for fun. Summary: A Typical ongoing saga of a team of vampire hunters searching for an end in the blood-sucking species. Look for the second chronicle co


The gym was filled with an array of colors and exiting music. The fans
screamed as the cheerleaders tumbled and led the crowd in hopeful 
cheers. The two teams played to their hardest, trying to outdo the 
other in order to take the victory. Nick tried to stand back 
unobserved. As he glanced around, he stayed close to the door. He 
noticed everyone's eyes, and kept scanning the room for what he was 
looking for. Where was she? Where was the girl whom he was sent after? 
He patiently stood as the buzzer went off signaling half time. Was she 
a student in the stands, or a cheerleader on the floor? He had never 
seen her before, which made his search almost impossible.  Just then, 
his cell phone vibrated. “Have you seen her yet?” a voice on said as he 
said hello. “No, man, I don't even know what to look for. How close are 
they?” he said still glancing around the gym for any suspects.  “They 
are in North Cut, about 200 miles from here. We need to hurry.” The 
voice said as he disconnected. “Shit!” Nick said to himself as he moved 
away from the door and into the crowd of people heading for the 
concession stand or the bathrooms. Then he heard the voice, the voice 
that made him certain that it was her. “Jillian, come help me fix this 
damn sign!” the small, feminine voice said. “I'm coming, Emily.” The 
other girl yelled back as he found the source of conversation. She was 
a cheerleader, but that wasn't the first thing that he noticed. She was 
absolutely beautiful. She was around 5'2, slender with a small muscle 
build, obviously from cheerleading. Her sandy blonde hair was in a 
curly ponytail, but he guessed the length was about to her shoulders. 
She had a nice tan and looked all natural, very different from a lot of 
the fake looking cheerleaders that he observed. What could they want 
with her? She looked so innocent. But maybe that was their 
motive-innocence. He only knew one thing, he had to save her. He stayed 
back as he reached for his cell phone. “I found her. I will try to meet 
you with her in a couple of hours; I haven't decided how to get her 
there yet.” Nick said as he kept close watch over her.    “Well, you 
may have to knock her out, but you have to get her out of there,” the 
other voice said. As he hung up the phone, he noticed a big guy, a few 
inches over six foot, approaching Emily. He scooted closer to hear 
their conversation. “Lookin' good, Emma,” he said as Emily rolled her 
eyes and looked away. “Hey, Chad,” she said obviously lacking 
enthusiasm. “So, you wanna go out for something to drink?” he said 
leaning closer to her. “No, thanks, Chad.” She said looking away again. 
“Come on, don't be a bitch!” he said pulling her arm. “Leave me alone! 
I am not going out with you!” she yelled jerking her arm away. Nick was 
puzzled by this, before he made the “bitch” comment, he seemed like an 
okay guy. The annoyed guy walked away as Emily mumbled something to her 
friend. Nick didn't know how to approach her, or tell her what was 
going on. She wouldn't believe him, he wouldn't believe himself if he 
hadn't of seen it with his own eyes. Just then the buzzer warned that 
halftime was two minutes from being over. Emily and the rest of the 
squad got in position for their routine. Nick took a seat in the 
bleachers on the third row and didn't take his eyes of Emily as she 
twirled and tumbled and was thrown up into the air as the routine 
progressed. He was still stunned by her beauty, but knew he had to keep 
himself isolated, this was strictly business. After their heart-pumping 
routine, the buzzer rang to resume the game. He noticed then that the 
cheerleaders were headed for the locker rooms. He nudged the guy next 
to him, “hey, where are the cheerleaders going?”  “They rest during 
third period,” the guy said almost unfazed by him and not even turning 
his eyes away from the recommencement of the game. Nick stepped down 
off of the bleachers and slipped in the double doors that led to the 
locker rooms. As he entered into the doors, he was surprised as he ran 
right into Emily. “Oh, excuse me!” she said cheerfully as she grabbed 
his arm in reflex. She noticed he was a cute guy, tall and muscular, 
slowly taking her hand away. She smiled at him and went on past him 
towards the doors. “Wait, is your name Emily?” he asked already knowing 
the answer. “Yes, do I know you?” she asked puzzled by him. “No, my 
name is Nick, and I need to talk to you.” He said stepping closer to 
her. She looked very confused, “I'm really in a hurry, can it wait?” 
she asked stepping back a little and glancing around to see if anyone 
else was in the corridor. He noticed this, “I won't hurt you, and I am 
not crazy, but it is urgent that I talk to you now,” he said calmly. 
With the confusing look on her face, she followed him to the quiet end 
of the hallway. “Now, when I tell you this, you are gonna thing I am 
crazy or I am lying, but I swear on my father's grave that it is the 
truth, and you need to do everything that I say.” He said as she 
started to look scared. “Are you robbing me?” she asked with a shaky 

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