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Alone (standard:drama, 1009 words)
Author: Charlotte D'EspoirAdded: Jul 08 2003Views/Reads: 3224/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a short story where a girl is faced with powers she can barely understand and must face the troubles that come with it. This is a story where everyone can relate to at least once in their life. A story of a girl who in the end is truly alone.

Sometimes when you close your eyes and the dark fills in, sometimes
everything swirls and an enigma spills around, and all you can think 
about is nothing but everything all at once. Sometimes, when you look 
into the vortex of vivid colors you see things. Things that you 
shouldn't be able to see. Sometimes, I like to look in there. I watch 
as faces swim by and I watch events fold out in front of me like 
someone in poker showing their hand. A humming fills my head and soon 
the humming and visions match and beat out a story only I can follow. I 
have seen many things and many things have happened. But tonight when I 
was resting and looked into the darkness, I wasn't prepared for what 
greeted my eyes. No swirling colors filled my sight. No soft 
vibrations, nor humming. A loud roar and a bright flash then a flood of 
events. One thing happening, then another practically on top of each 
other. Bang, bang, bang. Like each event was a drop of water and 
Niagara Falls was being forced into a pocket of space. Then I saw the 
end and a bright flash of white filled everything. I heard, in the 
distance, someone screaming, and I realized that it was me. I pried my 
eyes open and tried to focus on something around me. I had stopped 
screaming but I still couldn't see that well and the roaring noise was 
still in the background. I concentrated on breathing, slowly, in and 
out. Eventually the roaring noise ceased all together and I could see 
clearly again. I looked around without moving. My face pressed against 
the soft carpet. I pushed myself up, and a moan escaped as a wave of 
nausea flowed through me. I curled up into a ball and cried. 

I drew myself up into a sitting position I wiped the dried remnants of a
hard cry off my face and slid my shaky fingers through my hair. I stood 
up and the world spun, I turned to my left to face away from the 
dizziness and my face met up with the floor somehow, then gravity 
flipped and I was lying down, a ringing filling my ears. Not a choir of 
angels ringing, but a fire alarm ringing. The swirls came and then 
there was nothing. 

I was sitting on a giant calculator, my father's face looming above my
own. His thunderous voice bellowing for me to do it. 


I looked down in terror at the buttons below my feet. The calculator
stretched for miles it seemed. All the buttons the size of dinner 
tables, and instead of numbers, there were faces. Then a distant noise 
filtered in. a constant pulsation. Almost similar to a fire alarm. The 
sound increased in volume till it was ear-shattering throb. I fell to 
my knees and covered my ears and screamed. Then everything melted away 
and I could hear myself mumbling. I opened my eyes, then quickly shut 
them and rolled over to hide from the bright stream of sunlight that 
had temporarily blinded me. The smell of my new carpet filled my senses 
and once again I opened my eyes to be greeted by the soft black curls 
of my rug. The throbbing noise now was softer and I stretched my arm 
out to the top of my dresser and turned off my alarm clock. It was 7:15 
am. I had school. Then I remembered my visions, my body shook with fear 
and I put it to the back of my mind. It was something I had learned to 
do when I was little. I had also learned when I was little, that no 
matter what you do, there is nothing you can do to change it. 
Everything will happen eventually. 

I threw on some clean clothes and schlumped down the stairs. I greeted
my mom and hid the tears. I held her tight and buried my face in her 
hair. I concentrated on her scent. It was lavender, just like her eyes, 
just like the house. My throat closed and fat tears rolled down my 
cheeks in steady streams. She pushed me back and looked into my eyes. 

“What's wrong, honey?” Her eyes filled with worry. 

“Just thinking about Dad. I'm fine, hurry up, or you'll be late, eh?” I
struggled for a smile and managed a weak one. 

As I watched her car pull out of the driveway I felt my heart try to
beat it's way out of it's cage. I turned around and shut the door. 
Pressing my back to the closed door, I collapsed, sobbing. 


She was tall and slender and her dark purple suit showed this at it's
best and brought out her lavender eyes. Eyes, which normally sparkled 
with laughter. But today they were dark with concern. She was biting on 
her bottom lip and carefully scanning the road for her turn off. Maybe 
I should call, she thought. I think I will. She reached down towards 
her delicate feet encased in black leather heels, and felt for her 
purse. Keep eyes on road, keep on watching, almost, she reached her 
cell phone which was in the front of the purse, but it slipped between 
her fingers and in reflex she snatched the phone, at the same time, 
jerking the wheel. Her head shot up and she swerved around a car, 
narrowly missing it. She hit gravel and the tires spun; she lost 
control of the car. The car flew off the road towards the woods. Midway 
a tree interrupted her flight. The crumpling metal echoed through her 
mind, a ticking sound followed, then a bright flash of red then white. 
These images, the last she ever saw, burnt into her mind forever. 


Crouched on the floor sobbing, she heard the crumpling metal and saw the
fire, and heard her mom screaming. Crouched on the floor, she was 


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