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The Chronicles of Da’Lin & Desma : The Beggining... (standard:mystery, 2166 words)
Author: RODD3KAdded: Jul 11 2003Views/Reads: 3251/2196Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Friendship, love, hatred, confusion, other words life. (Strong sugestive content) To categorize this story is difficult it has some of everything!

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“ Is everything okay” I say as I get out of the car 

“Yeah super” she says with a hint of sarcasm. “You go on ahead I have to
get something from the car, aiight” she says. 

“Aiight” I say and I walk into the party 

Heather never came in I left an hour later and went looking for her. I
went pass her house but she wasn't there. I walked to my house, which 
is only a block away from hers. As I walk up to my house I saw a girl 
standing by my bushes. At first I thought it was Heather but her hair 
was the wrong color and she was too tall to be Heather. I walked up to 

“Stop right where you are, please do not come any closer” she says

This kind of freaked me out, but she assured me that she wasn't crazy.
She told me that her face was in her opinion repulsive. She also told 
me that she is head over heals in love with me and she just wanted to 
get to know me better. So we talked about everything she told me about 
her unusual life and I told her about my father and about Heather. The 
very next night something woke me up, not sound, but a feeling. I put 
on my clothes and headed outside and sitting on the steps was my 
mystery girl. She told me her name was Desma, and that since she was on 
the steps I had to stay where I was at buy the bushes. As not to she 
her face, this sort of thing went on for a month. I found myself 
falling in love with her mind. The whole time this was going on I still 
haven't had word from Heather. I went passed her house everyday, and 
got the run around from her aunt. Her and her aunt live together since 
her parents died she inherited ton of cash and her and her aunt have 
been living together ever since. Her aunt is only three years older 
than her so they're best friends. 

One night me and Desmas' talk went in a direction that I would have
never guessed. She told me of her abilities...yes you heard me 
correctly, abilities. Strength, speed, agility and so on and so on...of 
course it's utter lunacy but for some reason I believed her. That night 
I let her know of my feelings and I asked if I could make love to her 
that night. 

“Only in the dark, I have wanted this for so long” she paused “but not
if it means that you see my face” 

“But...” I get out before she cuts me off. “Trust me if you really want
this then you won't want to see my face. I promise it will ruin 
everything,” she says with a crackling voice. 

I go up to my room to get everything ready before we do it. But by the
time I get to my room she's already sitting in the window. We start to 
kiss and slowly in the dark we undress each other. We kiss and caress 
momentarily before she says...“I need you inside of me” 

When I slide inside of her it takes everything I have not to explode. It
was the most incredible feeling of my life. I started to feel a warmth 
in side of me that slowly became a burning. It hurt like hell, it 
started to spread outwardly through out my body the pain was 

“Don't worry it'll be over soon. The pain is temporary and so is the
power” she whispers as she holds my mouth closed to muffle out my 
screams of agony “Think of it as a trial run, I will make the power 
permanent if you ask me to. Calm down my little mansey the pain will be 
over soon...the pain will be over soon” 

Mansey is all I could think of as I it all went black... 

The next morning I felt great. I jumped up and went straight to the
bathroom and took a shower. As I walked into my room I realized that 
Desma was still in my bed! I thought that last night was a dream...her 
face I had to see her face. 

“You really want to see my face, huh?” she said calmly with her back
towards me. It startled the hell out of me, did she read my mind. “ Of 
course I did, did you think the power came with out a price” she said 
snidely “ We are one now” 

“So you really want to see my face, ok, you've earned it” 

She sat up and slowly turned around and what I saw made my heart leap
into my stomach. Desma was... 

...Heather, her hair was almost platinum blonde, natural blonde, longer
too. Her eyes were two different colors green and gray. But it was 
Heather, but how! 

“I'm something animal like now, I'm not sure what it is but I'm
different now. I still have to figure it out with your help I hope” she 
says with those puppy dog eyes I've never been able to say no to. 

Now dressed Heather/Desma whoever tells me she knows I feel great but to
get some sleep. And that she loves me and she'll se me tonight. She 
then just falls out of the window. I run over to window in a panic but 
when I look down she's not there, she's already halfway down the block. 
Confused as hell I just say the hell with it and go to sleep. 

“What the fuck it smells like ass in here, what little slutt did you
bang in here you little fag” my fathers yelling wakes me up and I 
notice that it's dark outside. I check the wall clock it's past eleven 
at night. “Are you ignoring me you little piece of shit” the idiot 
yells as he approaches. It's all to familiar the look in his eyes, but 
for some reason I have no fear just pity for the jackass. 

He punches me but I feel nothing, I just look at him with a smirk. He
looks at me like a confused dog cocking his head to the side. I stand 
and I felt like shit this morning compared to how good, strong, aware I 
feel tonight. Then he smiles... 

“So the pu$$% grows a spine finally, to bad it's gonna get ya ass
killed” he says as he tries to attack again. 

I grab his fist and it feels like putty, it weird I think, but I'm
jarred out of my train of thought buy my fathers screams. It seams that 
the reason his hand felt like putty is because I broke every bone in 
his hand. And the fact that I know this scares me more that the fact 
that I was able to do it accidentally. 

“You're a piece of shit just like your slutt of a mother” he says with a
hatred in his eyes I've only felt in my own after he's beaten me. But 
the comment about one of the few people in my life that loved me 
completely and unconditionally was just too much to bare, and then I 
realize that the so called slutt I he said I banged is the other 
person. And with just a waive of the hand I knocked him across the 
room. And he scurried away with a fear in his eyes that I never 
experienced before. Not even in my own eyes when I thought that he 
would kill me, and I felt unbelievable. And I instantly knew that I 
wanted Heather to ‘Make the power permanent...' and I wanted to find 
what we were together.  I for some reason I herd laughter in my head, 
and I turned to the window and saw Heather sitting in the window with a 
serious look on her face. But I still heard the laughter in my head, 
and I knew it was hers. 

“I...” I tried to say 

“I know...” she said cutting me of. “Look in the mirror stud” she
continued giggling with a look of pride in her eye. 

And as I turn towards the mirror I see that I also have the natural
almost platinum blonde hair, it was just a little longer too. My eyes 
were two different colors, one green and one gray! And I was four 
inches taller and forty pounds heavier. And I knew my height and weight 
changes exactly! In the mirror I see Heather walking up behind me. 

“So you want the power to be permanent” she whispers in my ear. 

“More than anything” I reply. 

And as she prepares to make it permanent, as our hair shortens, are eyes
and hair darkens and we decrease in size. I ... 

(You have to read the next one to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 


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