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The Chronicles of Da’Lin & Desma : The Beggining... (standard:mystery, 2166 words)
Author: RODD3KAdded: Jul 11 2003Views/Reads: 3223/2167Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Friendship, love, hatred, confusion, other words life. (Strong sugestive content) To categorize this story is difficult it has some of everything!

I was awakened by a loud crash, and the sound of someone yelling slurred
obscenities. It was my dad, with out a shadow of a doubt it was Jacob 
Martinez Sr. I've woken to this same song for the past seven years, 
ever since the day mom died. Oh, by the way...I'm Jacob Martinez Jr., 

“ Where the f@$# are you Jake!!” 

Damn it, why today I have a game tomorrow and I don't need this shit I
really don't! 

“ Jake! Jake, where the f@&# are you!!” 

I walk down stairs and see my father lying on top of what once was the
table we kept the mail on. I help him up which is never a small task 
since he out weighs me by about a hundred pounds. I almost failed out 
of school last year because of this crap. As if freshman year isn't 
hard enough, just coming in from junior high and on top of the fact 
that everything is new and you don't know don't sleep at 
night because daddy's a drunken mess every night. I get him upstairs 
and put him into bed, thank god he's too drunk to take a shot at me 
tonight. I hate explaining bruises to Coach Atkins it's so 

“Beep, Beep” wakes me up an hour and a half later. I realize it's my
best friend Heather outside waiting to drive us to school. I look 
outside and see her standing beside her car looking up at me smiling. 

“Don't worry, you know I'll never leave without you,” she says giggling
“Take your time kiddo no rush honestly” she reassures me. 

Heather is a senior and my best friend we knew each other since we were
kids but stopped playing with each other after father started drinking 
heavily. I don't blame her I wasn't a prize myself back in those days. 
But we became even better friends in my freshman year when I beat the 
crap out of her then boyfriend Donald for lying about sleeping with 

“Thanks for waiting” I say as I walk towards her car. 

“Don't sweat it honey, how would I look if I let my little mansey walk
to school” she says with a serious face. 

She always does that says things with a serious face it's hilarious. Oh,
little mansey is her pet name for me, I love it, well when no one else 
is around anyways. 

“So I was thinking before the party tonight you could come pass my house
and we can iron out the rest of the details for the prom” she mentions 
in a matter of fact way. “ And if we have a little time I could finally 
make you a man” she says with a devilish grin. “Promises, promises” I 
say rolling my eyes “You've been telling me that for the past six 

She bursts into laughter... 

“Here we are,” she says suddenly. 

I go through school as usual and go home. Well I go to Heathers house,
which is home to me. We talk about the prom and get ready for the 
party. Heather as usual is absolutely gorgeous; she has a body that can 
only be described as perfect. She has perfect breasts, big but perky as 
hell, a phenomenon if you ask me. Flat stomach with a slight hint of a 
six-pack, a high, round, plump but amazingly firm ass. Beautiful hips 
and long healthy, muscular legs, which can only be explained, buy her 
eight straight years of running track. Her face was adorable, ageless 
if you would; I mean you couldn't have known she was a high school 
senior if not for her body. Now don't get me wrong her face isn't 
juvenile by any means, it was just breathe takingly adorable. She has 
hazel eyes and long brown hair; she the type of girl who is stunning in 
whatever she wears. From a gown to a sweat suit and a baseball cap. 

Driving to the party Heather was eerily silent all the way there. I
can't explain it. 

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