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A kiss that lasts a Lifetime (standard:romance, 765 words)
Author: Tina MarieAdded: Jul 24 2003Views/Reads: 2915/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A girl really likes this man but he has asked her to take things slowly. He requested they not kiss. But she really wants to kiss him. She needs to know he really cares for her. And she tries hard to get him to kiss her.

A Kiss that Lasts a Lifetime 

He called again.  He asked her if she'd like to have dinner today.  Her
heart stated pounding.  She remembered their picnic just a few days 
ago.  She shuddered to make a noise.  As the lump started out of her 
throat to say, “yes, love to.”  He said, “great” and asked where would 
she like to go.  She thought of the picnic, what could possibly top 
that.  She didn't even feel hungry, but thought of him coming was 
breathtaking.  She asked if he'd like to come there for dinner. She 
would fix then a dinner and they could talk more privately.  He 
excepted quite quickly.  Four o'clock then.  She hung up the phone. 
Twittered, she ran to begin getting ready for his arrival. 

The hours flew by. 

Just then a knock at the door.  She rushed to the door to find him
standing there with a box of candy and a long stemmed rose, this time 
red.  She smiled the moment she saw those beautiful blue eyes.  She 
invited him in to the living room.  She had dinner in the oven.  She 
suggested to sit and talk while waiting for the food.  He agreed.  They 
sat down on the couch. He stumbled for words to start the conversation. 

He took her hand and said he really loved their afternoon the other day.
 But he wanted to take it slow.  She swallowed hard.  He didn't like me 
she thought. But that kiss she thought.  So intense, what could 
possibly be wrong that he wanted to go slow and not to kiss.  What did 
that mean?  She swallowed again and told him that was fine;  She had 
had a wonderful time also.  They sat there talking he moved a little 

He began to stroke her hair. she had left it down this time.  Slightly
curled.  She also lifted her hand and lightly touched his hair, swaying 
it back a little. They began to touch each other's faces.  He placed 
his hand on her lips and repeated he wanted to go slow.   She agreed. 

He was still feeling the lushness of her lips.  She opened her mouth
slightly as to touch his finger.  Wow.  She was so excited about the 
moment she didn't know if she could contain herself.  She wanted to 
kiss him.  But he asked not to.  How was she going to handle this.  The 
feel of his finger still at her lips, she got lost in the moment once 
more.  As he began to trace her face with his finger, she closed her 
eyes.  She placed one hand on his leg while still stroking his hair.  
She started to rub his leg and he moved just a bit closer. 

Wow, she had never felt like this.  All she wanted at that moment was
for him to take her in his arms and consume her with passion.   She 
continued by rubbing his neck.  She removed her hands from him and took 
a hold of his  “Slowly” she said, smiling.  She remembers his words.  
She stared into his face with his mustache and remembering the feeling 
of that first kiss. 

She rubbed his lips and started leaning over.  She reminded him no
kisses.  she placed her mouth just close to his and felt the hair on 
his lips.  He started to move. she placed her finger on his lips and 
said relax, no kisses.  She massaged his face with her soft wet lips.  
He kept his hands only on her shoulders and back.  Feeling her skin 
with the backless dress she was wearing. 

She continued rubbing his body, not to touch the most private of areas. 
But coming extremely close. She kissed his neck as she slightly leaned 
on him.  The thoughts running through her head as though it could 

She remembered his words, no kisses.  I'd like to go slow.  How could
she do this?  She liked him and now she has compromised their 
relationship.  She quickly moved back and apologized.  she quickly went 
into the kitchen. 

She began talking loudly asking him to forgive her.  He sat quietly. 
She began looking at dinner. she started preparing the table for the 
dinner was done.  She moved back to the stove to remove the dinner.  
Suddenly, something happened. 

She was swooshed around and lifted off her feet.  He had pulled her to
him and began kissing her.  Their hands couldn't stay still.  The kiss 
lasted a long time, although she wasn't timing it.  The feel.  She was 
so excited.  She would remember this forever. 

What more could this day bring? 


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