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Night Time (standard:romance, 711 words)
Author: tcsrandyAdded: Sep 02 2003Views/Reads: 2812/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Just a simple short story about choices

She looked up from her computer's screen and was surprised to see it was
3:00 am.  The chat room had slowed down about an hour ago.  She reached 
down for her glass of water and had it half way to her lips before she 
realized it was empty.  With a quiet “damn” under her breath, she rose 
and walked to the kitchen.  Reaching into the fridge she pulled out the 
water jug and poured a new glass.  After carefully replacing the cap, 
she set the water back in the fridge and returned to her room.  The 
bedroom light was on, and she glanced around the room.  Everything 
looked the same, and had looked the same for over a year now.  The 
couch to one side was neat and clean with two throw pillows, one on 
each end.  Her bed was neatly made, the deep purple spread pulled up 
tight. A print hung on one wall, a man and a woman running from a 
storm, her cape flowing in the wind over their head.  She looked at the 
print, and a slight smile briefly crossed her face.  Sitting back at 
computer she once again looked at the chat.  The same names were there, 
and the same name was not there.  How long she wondered, and instantly 
knew it had been 8 months since she had last spoken to him.  How many 
times had she thought of emailing him, or even calling him?  The last 
thing he said to her was “ I love you, baby.  You know how to find me.” 
 And then he was gone.  She still watched him from time to time.  Of 
course he didn't know, or did he?  He had always said he could pick her 
out every time.  He was obviously not attached to anyone.  Which would 
make sense, in that he had not been attached when they met.  Attached, 
there was the problem all right.  She was the attached one.  Just like 
every night since they last spoke she was thinking of him.  She could 
picture his smile.  His blue eyes blazed as she gazed into her image of 
him.  His blonde hair hung over his ears on the sides, and below his 
collar in the back.  He was tall over 6' tall and probably 210 lbs.  
She quickly squeezed the image from her mind while a single teardrop 
fell to her cheek.  It had started again; there would be little sleep 
tonight, she thought as she brought up the poetry page.  She typed in 
the search and looked at what was there.  “Why do I do this to myself?” 
she wondered as she glanced down the list.  It had been 3 or 4 months 
since anything new had been posted.  Just as she suspected there was 
nothing new.  She read a couple of them, even though she had most 
committed to memory.  Another teardrop.  Nothing had changed.  Nothing 
ever changed.  Wiping away another teardrop she glanced at the clock.  
4:00am, and sleep was still avoiding her.  She looked at the bed and 
saw the pillow.  The tears came with a flood.  Every night was the 
same.  Why can't she stop crying?  Why can't she get him out of mind?  
It had been over 8 months.  She brought up her email and started a 
letter.  The same letter she had started a dozen times.  I miss you was 
all she could ever get written.  4:45am nothing had changed.  With the 
tears flowing she clicked shut down, once again not sending the 
message.  Standing she walked over and flipped off the light switch.  
Pulling down the blanket, she climbed into bed, snuggling close to the 
old pillow; she wiped away the tears once again.  Sleep crept up to her 
and the bliss of not thinking slowly enveloped her. 

Her eyes shot open.  She was disoriented, where was she?  Then it came
back to her, with trepidation she looked beside her.  His blonde hair 
hung bout his head.  His chest rising and falling with each breathe.  
She smiled.  It had been a  dream, no a nightmare.  Scooting over she 
hugged up close to him, draping an arm across his chest.  This is where 
she belonged.  Leaning over she kissed him gently and with a smile 
drifted off to sleep. 


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