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"You cheat" (standard:drama, 630 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Sep 16 2003Views/Reads: 3283/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Clare has found some lipstick on her husbands shirt. has he been cheating....?

"Get out of my house," Clare spat out the words, harshly. Her eyes
filled with fury. 

"What,s up with you!" Sam chuckled nervously, his eyes rolled from side
to side, showing the whites like a panicked animal. 

"Just get out of my house, her anger rose, I don,t want you anymore, Get
out!" clare screamed, saking in a thin pale fury. 

"What have i done?" Sam hissed with such savagery. The rage of
discovered treason flared in her blue eyes. "You two-timing cheat!" 
cried clare uncontrollably. 

"What on earth are you on about?" Sam shrugged defiantly. 

"This!" she held up his white shirt, and on it was a clear, bright red
lipstick stain. There was a sour, bitter taste in his mouth that was no 
longer mere nervousness. This was fear, cold and solid and strong, 
shaking him, catching at his breath. Coils of fright tightened inside 
her, her lips trembled. 

"How could you", Clare wimpered. She hung her head, tears forming on her
soft lashes. 

"I thought you loved me?" Clare whispered softly. Suddenly she began to
cry, hard, hurting sobs that seemed to have been buried inside her like 
a stone. 

"I do"< he sympathised, with a touch of saddness in his voice, and
shame. "I,ve always loved you, he appologised, and I always will" his 
eyes damp with emotion. 

Clare fetched a decanter and poured herself a small, medicinal brandy.
He studied her movements with a quick ache in his heart. She ran a comb 
through her dark curls and, watching her sam,heartbroken, she felt a 
melting troughout her body, as her heart pinned for her first love. 

"Why?" murmured clare, her heart fluttered needlessly. Her eyes misted
over with betrayal. 

"I,m sorry" his head hung in shame. The pale blue eyes showed deep

She felt panic creep into her throat. her thoughts turnt to the
children, how would they take it. huh, family, clare thought wearily, 
the words burnt in her chest. her eyes suddenly softened, one corner of 
her mouth lifted wryly. 

"I don,t want to talk about this now"< she spoke, frowning with her
right eyebrow and lifting her left.The lines of her mouth still bitter. 
she moved back from him with that quick turn away look she had, and in 
the lantern light of the kitchen her eyes were big and bottomless dark. 

Sam cocked an eyebrow at her. his eyes popped wide, his mouth fell open,
his body slumped as he left the room, dis-graced and dis-heartened. 

She drank some more brandy, in silence as she watched his life-less
slump of a body, slitter away like a wyley snake. her eyes slanted 
towards the kitchen window, she gazed blankly at the gentle blowing 
trees, deep blake shadows against the moonlight sky. the stars shone 
brightly,oblivious of her pain. 

The tears started to roll down Clares cheeks, dropping carelessly onto
the window sill. How could he?, was the question turning over and over 
in her mind. Her eyes held a numbed look, she stood very still, almost 
life-like. A pinched look around her mouth, the one thought constantly 
on her mind. 

Clares eyes began to flicker restlessly. She knocked a glass off the
table smashing it on the floor shattering into many pieces. Her face 
suddenly blanked as she fell to the floor with a clatter. 

Sam rushed in "Clare,Clare"< he screamed. His face took on a worried
look, hie eyes panic sticken, beads of sweat rolled of his forehead. 
The muscles round his mouth tightened. He slapped her face softly 
trying to revive her. Her eyes flickered as she woke. 

"Please",Sam pleaded, "please can we try again, I,m so sorry", he smiled

"We,ll see", Clare smiled lovingly, "One day at a time" 

"I do love you," Sam kissed her passionately. 


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