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Ship of Doom (standard:adventure, 387 words)
Author: An Astute BoyAdded: Sep 24 2003Views/Reads: 3569/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Read all about what happens when a group of greedy pirates meets their ultimate fate.....

Ship of Doom 

The ship set sail for buried treasure on an isolated island in the
middle of the Pacific Ocean.  The voyage began on November 21, 1686 in 
Antioch.  There were twenty-one crew members including the captain of 
the ship, Jasmine. 

The first few days of the expedition went well, but on the fifth day, a
small tempest struck.  It wasn't devastating, so they all survived. 

“Back on course men!” ordered Miguel.  “Aye, Aye, captain.”   “Only one
more week until we get to that blasted island to find the lost 
treasure. “ Thought Miguel.  The next day, one of the crew members 
shouted, “Sir! We have a problem!” “What is it?” Miguel yelled back.  
“The biscuits are full of worms, and the water is dirtier than dirt.  
We're going to run out of food!” 

Miguel, an astute pirate proved to be right.  In three days time, the
ship was without food or water.  The captain and the men boiled sea 
water, and captured the gulls that flew above.   However, one by one 
the men became discontent.   They planned a rebellion against Jasmine 
and Miguel. 

On the tenth day of the journey, the men abandoned their captain and
first mate.  They sailed to the island with the buried treasure on a 
small dinghy they constructed.   When they got to the island, they 
found the treasure.  The men divided the treasure and set up a town on 
the island.  Eventually, the island, named, “No Jasmine” thrived, and 
the men became wealthy businessmen. 

Meanwhile, Jasmine and Miguel became bitter enemies.  They quarreled. 
They accused each other of misdeeds, and blamed each other for their 
misfortunes.   The one bright spot was that the did find an island.  It 
was full of sand, and had no trees, and did not have much edible food.  
The two managed to survive on the island.  They bickered and fought 

The ship?   That was of course destroyed when Miguel and Jasmine settled
on the island, which they named, “No Paradise Here.” 

Yes, my friend, the ship. Once the two quarreling men abandoned it, it
headed straight into a coral reef.   The fish scattered, and the reef 
split in two.  The ship broke into one thousand pieces and began to 

In short time, all that remained was the broken stern of this doomed
sailing ship. 


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