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An hour in the life of Edison barnes (standard:other, 3496 words)
Author: kiwiAdded: Sep 11 2000Views/Reads: 4410/2477Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Edison and his mobile phone create an unusual situation. Is there a psychic explanation?

An hour in the life of Edison Barnes? 

The phone rings as he passes the receptionist.  Her smile acknowledges
his as she takes the call and he opens the door to his office.  His 
secretary, already at work, picks up her phone. 

"Yes, He's just come in.  I'll put you through" .  Answers his raised
eyebrows. "He's been trying to get you since just after eight.  Seems 
in a bit of a mood." 

He nods, strides to his desk, settles himself, glances at the wall clock
- 0830, and then at his watch - 0830, and finally picks up the phone. 

"Morning Ed. Isn't this rather early for you?" 

"Listen Dan, I haven't got much time but there are some things we must

"What do you mean not much time?  You didn't seem to have any concerns
yesterday.  What's all the fuss?" 

"Daniel, I'm serious." 

He certainly is.  Only when he is being particularly formal does Edison
ever use anyone's whole name. "Just listen and don't interrupt." 

Daniel is puzzled.  Theirs is a  partnership of opposites, which is
probably why they have been together so long. Daniel, the financial 
wizard, is outgoing and impulsive - creative, he would say.  Edison is 
the steadying influence, with a calm and relaxed attitude. Rarely 
raises his voice and tends to keep his own counsel.  Sensitive.  Their 
reputation for quality  owes much to his punctiliousness and Daniel's 
assumption of leadership. 

"Don't sign that D6 contract." 

"But we've been working on that for at least six months" 

"I asked you not to interrupt. "  Edison is frosty now. "It's not taking
us in the right direction. It's wasting our talents...." 

He pauses. With difficulty Daniel refrains from challenging him. 

"The cash flow will be tight but you'll get by.  You see, there are more
important things that need doing, and that contract will just get in 
the way. It's a diversion.  We've just putting off what we both know 
needs doing." 

At last.  He has almost given up trying to persuade Edison that they
need to rethink their marketing strategy.  If you could call it a 
strategy. The scatter-gun approach he calls it. 

"The business needs some more working capital.  It's becoming too much
of a struggle.  We've got some really good clients.  Quality clients.  
And we're giving them what they want. It's the growth. It's what we 
both wanted but its killing us financially."  [Daniel is restraining 
himself with difficulty. Finance is his baby. He understands it. OK, so 
there is a small problem. But hold steady and they'll make it.  A poker 
player, he understands the need to stay cool.  What on earth has 
happened to the normally laid-back Edison?] "You'll never be able to 
fund growth from turnover.  Some new money is essential.  Get some new 
investment. Another partner." 

"Bloody hell! Ed, What's got into you?" It takes a lot to provoke Daniel
into swearing, but Edison has just succeeded.  He, however, ignores the 
interruption. "The business is too good to risk.  Even during the 
recession we've managed. We've got a reputation, a solid client list.  
It's like the vision we had when we started.  But you'll founder if you 
don't get another source of funds. You must get another partner in." 

"What do you mean, I must?  Where do you come into all this?" 

"Just do it, Dan. Just do it". 

The call has ended.  Daniel sits for a moment, thinking. Astounded. 

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