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THE LOST NIGHT (standard:humor, 210 words)
Author: Magic MannyAdded: Dec 17 2003Views/Reads: 3011/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The consequences of booze and drugs


There's blood all over my fucking face.  I  am shitting it.  The fuck
could've happened? I look up.  It's darker than my fucking mind, I tell 
you.  So dark. 

The last time something like this occurred I was banged up for seven
fucking months.  Then I shot the spic muthafucka clean in the heart. 

But I didn't really, I just imagined it, my friend. 

You think the acid has kicked in?  That's what the Mexican fuck asked me
anyhow.  I didn't like the Mexican fuck cos he looked like my ma and a 
pig that I once saw getting butt fucked by Graile down at Pumpy's.  
Pumpy's is a small sports bar that Graile owns.  I don't much care for 
Graile... nor that fucking pig.  Then I see the pig's swollen head 
between my legs. 

Some fucking night, my friend.  Some fucking night. 

Think I give a fuck? 


Here's the deal.  That Mexican I was telling you about - well, he's my
lover.  Yeah, I am a nancy faggot, but I didn't fuck no pig.  
Especially of Graile's.  Fuck this. 

Man, I think the muthafuckin acid has kicked in. 

Last night sucked, my friend. 

Now I gots to get rid a this fucking pig's head. 



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