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Happy Christmas in Fucksville (standard:poetry, 618 words)
Author: Leonard BeckerAdded: Dec 16 2000Views/Reads: 3245/1818Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Christmas Poem

I overheard my grandmother talking about sending gifts to kids in an

She says these kids can be pretty young, 

And can be as old as twenty-one... 


She said, 

and girls, 

She added, almost extraneously, 

Placing an odd, elderly emphasis on the "girls." 

And then I thought... 

I'm Twenty-One. 

I started thinking about how great it would be to meet a girl who lived
in an orphanage. 

Especially a poor one, you know? 

Maybe her parents died when she was like, five or something, 

And she's lived her whole life in that orphanage. 


And she'd have to be cute, 

Because I dont' think I could deal with a messed up girl who wasn't

It just wouldn't be worth it... 

It'd be like if Elmer Fudd tried to get Bugs out of his whole with just
a big stick. 

But she'd probably be cute anyway, wouldn't she? 

I mean... if she didn't have anything else, she'd probably spend most of
her time working out. 

So yeah, I bet she'd be cute... 

Almost hot, even... 

True, she'd have a lot of baggage, 

(much like someone ELSE I know) 

But it'd be baggage I could work with! 

She'd really need some lovin' and I could be there for her. 

(I'm not talking sex, so get off my ass) 

I'd be there for her and she'd be there for me. 

I could really connect with her (mind) and none of the surface shit
would get in the way. 

She wouldn't be so eager for me to buy her things, 

And she wouldn't care that I don't shop at the GAP, 

And that my mind just can't grasp fashion. 

Any little thing I could get for her would make her light up, 

Because she's never really gotten gifts before, 

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