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Dream can come true (standard:horror, 361 words)
Author: MumblebeeAdded: Dec 16 2000Views/Reads: 4081/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young girl learns sometimes dreams can come true.

As the wind blew through my hair I whispered a sad good-bye to my house.
As I scrambled into the car Orlando our Doberman gave me a little push. 

Two hours later we were seeing nothing but countryside. To tell you the
truth I’ve always wanted to live in the countryside. Soon we arrived at 
a gate marked SOLD. 

As I rushed towards the gate I stopped. Why was our house so far from
the other houses? “We have another surprise for you too.” whispered my 

The mountains were purple and the trees swayed, but in front of me was
the most beautiful creature on Earth. 

“A pony,” I cried. I flung my arms around its neck. I knew this was the
best present ever. I called it Star because of its white star on its 

Our house was wonderful. My bedroom had a door leading to the stable
that looks like a closet. 

Two weeks later I met my new best friend Elizabeth. We walked to her
stable to pick up her pony Snowy. After riding our ponies we each fed 
them a handful of oats. 

That night I slept in my new bed dreaming about a tragic accident at the
stable. The next morning Elizabeth was in such a hurry to tell her 
friend a new trick she had learnt she slipped and fell flat faced in 
the mud. Quickly I picked her up the I gasped this was the accident. 

That night I dreamt  Elizabeth and I won a contest I wasn’t quite sure
what type of contest. The next morning it seems the Gatos was having a 
pony parade with a costume prize. 


Now I knew I could dream anything I wanted! That night I dreamt my pony
was ill. I couldn’t help it! The next morning she was so ill she 
wouldn’t even stand up. 

“No!” I cried. Then my pony looked up at me. 

“Why did you have to kill? Why ?” neighed my pony. 

Then I woke up sweating and panting. 

I looked out the window seeing my Star suddenly blew my burden down. 

That night I never dreamed again. 


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